Agora Aveiro visited “Casa do Professor”

25 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Last week, Agora Aveiro visited “Casa do Professor”. A retirement home in Bairro Santiago where most of the residents were professors. It houses around 20 people, some of which are nearly 100 years old but can still carry a conversation and delight you with their stories.

Our EVS volunteers were invited to make a short presentation about their countries. the goal was to create an event that bridged the gap between generations and facilitated the dialogue between them. It was pretty challenging since our volunteers don’t speak Portuguese. Thanks to some of the retired professors who spoke English and French, a translator, and lots of creativity, they were able to get their message across.

At some point, people started reliving old memories, singing songs from their youth, and everyone one had a lot of fun. It’s safe to say that we succeeded.


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