Agora Aveiro coordinates an EVS project for MATERNURA


Agora Aveiro coordinates an EVS project for MATERNURA

16 Jul , 2016  

We would like to share some exciting news: for the first time Agora Aveiro will coordinate an EVS project for another institution, Maternura from Ilhavo, that will receive 2 EVS volunteers in 2016/17. The project was granted by Erasmus+ program and it’s entitled “PeeKaBoo: improving key competences while working with children”.

Agora Aveiro has been working with EVS projects since 2012. In the last 4 years we hosted 13 EVS volunteers in Aveiro, from countries like Poland, Latvia, France, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and others. Also, we sent abroad about 10 volunteers – to Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary etc. We provided many learning opportunities and by doing it witnessed fantastic changes of youngsters who did an EVS. They grew and changed, developed many different skills later to be useful on professional and personal level. Because of all of this we strongly believe that EVS is a life changing opportunity that everyone should seize.

During the last few years several local institutions contacted us and asked for help when it comes to EVS. They also wanted to receive foreign volunteers but didn’t know how. Some wanted to learn how to submit the application, others just wanted to host volunteers and not to deal with all the paperwork. One of the institutions was Maternura – an association from Ilhavo that runs an alternative kindergarten for kids from 0 to 6. They wanted to receive EVS volunteers thinking it would be beneficial for everyone – the kids, the volunteers, the institution and even for the local community.

This is how the partnership was made. Agora Aveiro, together with Maternura, prepared the project proposal to host 2 volunteers, for 11 months in this institution. The project was approved, Agora Aveiro coordinates it and at this point we are in the process of selection of the volunteers for Maternura.

We remind that there is a Portuguese National Agency for management of Erasmus+ program. They can, better than anyone, answer your doubts when it comes to EVS and other programs that EC created for youngsters. If you would like to become an EVS volunteer in Agora Aveiro check out this. If you would like to apply for EVS in Maternura, you can do it here. Lastly, if you are a youngster from Portugal, and would like to go for an EVS, contact us.


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