Agora Aveiro has new volunteers!

5 Feb , 2015  

Agora Aveiro has new volunteers! Project YALA (Your Active Life in Aveiro) is a long-term EVS project, that started in February 2015. Agora Aveiro received four EVS volunteers, Tanja from Latvia, Wiola from Poland, and Tea and Jasna from Croatia.

There are many challenges waiting for them. We hope that they’re going to have a very active life in Aveiro.

Our association aims to raise awareness to important social issues and foster a more active community. Therefore, those are the areas our volunteers will develop during their seven-month stay. They will help organize Agora Aveiro’s local activities (workshops, guerrilla actions, etc), share their own ideas and manage their own projects with the help of our local volunteers. Ideally, volunteers should develop long-term projects that will be sustainable even after they are gone. That way they can have a bigger impact on the local community of Aveiro. The volunteers will also join the TEDxAveiro’s crew and prepare the big TEDx conference.


This EVS has a strong intercultural component since Agora Aveiro regularly organizes gatherings of people from all over the world who are living in Aveiro.