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Nature’s Small Guardians

24 May , 2018  

We’re committed to preserving the future of our planet. Last year, we became Nature’s Guardians and set course to take some apprentices under our wing. We spent the day making seed bombs with the 3rd and 4th graders of Centro Escolar de Santiago while teaching them more about nature and what we can do to…


Um abraço e um desafio

10 Apr , 2018  

A primavera chegou! Época de flores, cantos de aves, dias mais longos e paisagens coloridas. Os nossos cartazes dos Abraços Grátis estavam parados há demasiado tempo. Entrando na moda das limpezas de primavera, limpámos todo o pó que tinham colecionado e colocámos os olhos nas ruas de Aveiro. Por si só, um abraço é ótimo,…


Sowing the future

26 Dec , 2017  

While preparing the 4th edition of “Biologia a Plantar o Futuro”, the Parents Association of Schools of Aveiro proposed us an unexpected challenge! Agora Aveiro was invited to develop an activity targeted at the children of the Santiago Scholar Center.  We accepted the challenge and decided to make “seed bombs” – little balls of clay and…

Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development

Agora went to plant the future

20 Dec , 2017  

This year, Agora Aveiro joined the environmental organization BioLiving and the Comissão de Faina de Biologia for the 4th edition of “Biologia a Plantar o Futuro”. A project that stands for the conservation and promotion of the Portuguese native forests.   Born in 2014, by the hands of the biology students from the University of Aveiro, the project challenges young students…

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Buy Nothing Day – the day without shopping

30 Nov , 2017  

On November 24th, athought there was a rain forecast, we went out to the streets, not to celebrate Black Friday, but Buy Nothing Day instead. Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against comsumerism, founded by the artist Ted Dave in Canada in 1992. This day strategically coincides with Black Friday, where stores…


“Café Suspenso” has new homes

28 Nov , 2017  

Thanks to “Geração Z” and our fantastic volunteers, you will be able to leave a suspended coffee in 6 new places. Espaço Criativo Biscoito, Coffee-Break, Grão de Café, Nós Trás-Os-MOntes, Pastelaria Máxima, and Vegifrut (this one offering more than just coffee), are now part of the “Café Suspenso” family. “Café Suspenso” is the advanced purchase…


An explosion of shapes and colors

12 Nov , 2017  

On the 11th of November past, and in the spirit of “World Origami Day”, Agora Aveiro held an origami workshop in its headquarters. This activity, which joined our volunters with the community, is part of our “Origami Art Attack” project, included in our “Art and culture” department, with the aim of developing creativity and artistic…


Dissemination event of “Film It” project in Estonia

4 Nov , 2017  

Last night in Agora Aveiro there was a dissemination event of the project “Film it: multimedia practices for cultural dialogue and inclusion”. This project was funded by Erasmus+ programme and thanks to it four youth workers from Portugal were able to participate in the training course that was implemented in Taevaskoja, Estonia between September 2-9,…


Mental Health Day: (Dis)connect!

18 Oct , 2017   Video

Dia da Saúde Mental: (Des)liga!

Let us guess, your dinner was being boring and you decided to pick up your smartphone and slide your thumb, hoping to find something that breaks the silence? Or were you having your free time, after a long day of classes or work, and you decided that the best option was to spend that time…


Hugs without Frontiers

13 Oct , 2017  

On September 27, the Free Hugs Squad was all over the city! We started by visiting UA Sem Fronteiras, which was taking place in Cais da Fonte Nova. We found a spectacular environment, with very lively and fun people, who were very willing to hug us. Lots of you came to hug us and let…


YELLO has started!

11 Oct , 2017  

Our brand new project YELLO has started! This September, four youngsters arrived in Aveiro to do their four-month-long EVS project in our organisation. They are Edvardas from Lithuania, Halima from the Netherlands, Marietta from Hungary and Nikola from Serbia. Our brand new project YELLO has started! This September, four youngsters arrived in Aveiro to do…


Martina’s EVS story

2 Jul , 2017  

Here is Martina’s EVS story. By the end of the 11-month long service, this is how she feels: I came to Portugal to be a volunteer. During 11 months I worked in a non-formal kindergarten/nursery where children’s education is approached in a liberal way. Before starting the project, I had a lot of ideas about…


Café Suspenso is in “Geração Z”

29 Jun , 2017  

Last May we told you about the “Geração Z” volunteering program and how we were working on an application.Well, we are proud to inform you that, we submitted “Café Suspenso” and it was accepted. We are now looking forward to having two volunteers join us in our efforts to grow “Café Suspenso”. While working on…


…And here I am in Portugal.

15 Jun , 2017  

Cristina in Vigo, spring 2017

Cristina arrived in September, from Romania, to do her EVS coordinated by Agora Aveiro, in Maternura. Almost 9 months have passed and so we asked her to write a short summary of her Portuguese life. We are sharing it with you here: “…And here I am in Portugal, Aveiro, 8 months after my arrival in…


“Generation Z” is taking on volunteering

10 May , 2017  

IPDJ is promoting “Geração Z” a volunteering opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 30. As part of the “Agora Nós” program, this campaign aims to promote opportunities for young people to live an active life and develop new skills through non-formal education, by volunteering with entities that deal in areas such…


How about volunteering in Slovenia

2 May , 2017  

How about volunteering in Slovenia? Would you like to spend six unforgettable months doing an EVS project in KNOF social company, in a beautiful town od Sevnica, starting from June 1st? Agora Aveiro is a partner on “UNCOVER STEPS TO DREAMS” project and there is one placement for a youngster from Portugal. The only requirements are:…


New spring, new EVS volunteer!

12 Apr , 2017  

Tibor in Porto

New spring, new EVS volunteer! In the framework of EVS project “S.P.R.I.N.G: Skills, Practices & Results for Inclusive Never-ending Growth”, our new EVS volunteer, Tibor from Serbia, arrived in March in Aveiro! During four months, Tibor will mostly collaborate on our big TEDxAveiro conference, designing contents, making videos and helping with anything needed. In the…


Seed Bombs – The explosion that creates life

20 Mar , 2017  

In order to celebrate the arrival of spring, on the 20th of March, volunteers from Agora Aveiro walked around Aveiro and handed nearly 200 small envelopes containing seed bombs. The warning was given to those who received them that when these “explode” they can cause smiles and leave traces in shades of green. The seed…


Free Hugs at the University of Aveiro

1 Mar , 2017   Gallery

They were barely out of exam season, and already the students from the University of Aveiro were worrying about a new semester. Since it was February, and the sun still refused to cooperate and brighten their day, we took it upon ourselves to do something. First, we made hundreds of fortune cookies with quotes to…


In case of love at first sight

14 Feb , 2017  

While some were still debating if love, at first sight, is a real thing, we jumped over that conversation and got straight into action. Those who walked around Aveiro on the 14th of February could find a new emergency system. Our volunteers woke up at 5 in the morning to spread 60 red boxes instructing…


New EVS opportunity in Agora Aveiro

26 Dec , 2016  

There is a new EVS opportunity in Agora Aveiro! Our long-term EVS project “SPRING: Skills, Practices & Results for Inclusive  Never-ending Growth ” has just been approved. We are now looking for a volunteer from Serbia, preferably with fewer opportunities, to join us between March and June 2017 here in Aveiro. The topics of the…


Video of DO STH NICE EVS project is online

22 Dec , 2016   Video

evs volunteers, do sth nice project

Video of DO STH NICE EVS project is online! Check it out and see how our EVS volunteers spent their 4 months in Aveiro. DO SHT NICE: “Discover Opportunities, Seize The Hour & Never Ignore Creative Energy” was an EVS project that took place in Aveiro in summer of 2016. We hosted 6 volunteers from 5…


EVS: Do something nice for Aveiro and yourself

24 Oct , 2016  

Since July Agora Aveiro is hosting 3 EVS volunteers under the ERASMUS+ project DO STH NICE – “Discover Opportunities, Seize the Hour, Never Ignore Creative Energy”.  Marko from Serbia, Beatrice from Romania and Katrina from Latvia, together with our local volunteers are developing different projects in Aveiro. But, besides “Doing something nice” for Aveiro, they…


Language Exchange Meetings em Aveiro

14 Oct , 2016  

Language Exchange meetings in Aveiro

Os voluntários SVE da Agora Aveiro organizaram o primeiro Language Exchange Meeting em Aveiro. Na passada quarta-feira, mostraram à comunidade local como explorar o mundo ao conhecer novas línguas. Flora Lewis, jornalista americana especializada em relações internacionais, disse que “Aprender uma nova língua não é apenas aprender diferentes palavras para as mesmas coisas. É também…


The new EVS volunteers are in town

3 Sep , 2016  

New EVS volunteers are in town!

There are new EVS volunteers in town! For the first time, Agora Aveiro will coordinate an EVS project for another institution. We selected two EVS volunteers, Martina from Hungary and Cristina from Romania, to work in Maternura, an association in Ílhavo, near Aveiro. They arrived this week, safe and sound, and are ready to start…


Human Library about EVS opportunities

22 Aug , 2016  

Did you know that any European, between the ages of 18 and 30, has the chance to spend up to one year living in another country? Volunteer in different institutions with paid accommodation, travel expenses and health insurance? Come to our “Human Library” event that will take place in Mercado Manuel Firmino, on the 10th…


EVS: They came to DO STH NICE

18 Jul , 2016  

evs volunteers, do sth nice project

Our new EVS volunteers are in town! Six people from five different countries came to “DO STH NICE”, which is the name of Agora Aveiro’s latest EVS project. “Discover Opportunities, Seize the Hour, Never Ignore Creative Energy” is what this project is all about. You can expect to see our volunteers spend the next four…


Agora Aveiro coordinates an EVS project for MATERNURA

16 Jul , 2016  

Agora Aveiro coordinates an EVS project for MATERNURA

We would like to share some exciting news: for the first time Agora Aveiro will coordinate an EVS project for another institution, Maternura from Ilhavo, that will receive 2 EVS volunteers in 2016/17. The project was granted by Erasmus+ program and it’s entitled “PeeKaBoo: improving key competences while working with children”. Agora Aveiro has been…


Guerrilla Gardening and spreading positive attitudes

30 May , 2016  

It is not our main field of activity, but we like to say that Agora Aveiro has been spreading positive attitudes since 2010. This time we did it by doing some Guerrilla Gardening! Inspired by a well-known worldwide movement and powered by our tireless volunteers (special thanks to the biologists among them), we spread around…


“A Mile in My Shoes”, a training course in Serbia

30 May , 2016  

For the first time, Agora Aveiro organised an Erasmus+ project to be held out of Portugal. “A Mile in My Shoes” was a training course that took place in Belgrade, Serbia. This ten-day training lasted from the 5th to the 14th of March, 2016. 22 youth workers, professionals and volunteers, gathered to learn, discuss, and…


DO STH NICE in Aveiro: Our new EVS Project

2 May , 2016  

youth exchange

DO SHT NICE: “Discover Opportunities, Seize The Hour & Never Ignore Creative Energy” is our new EVS project and it will take place between July and October of 2016, in Aveiro, Portugal. The project is financed by Erasmus+ program. We will host volunteers from 5 different European countries! Volunteers will be chosen based on their…


EVS in Portugal in 2018

27 Apr , 2016  

How about doing your EVS in Portugal in 2018? We will have three to four EVS vacancies for volunteers from countries yet to be defined. This EVS will start in March 2018 and last for four months. The topics of the projects will be active citizenship, social inclusion, healthy lifestyle and much more. Furthermore, volunteers…

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30 Jan , 2016   Video

Our participation in the “Enterprising”, a project that Agora Aveiro developed in 2015, inspired us to make a short video where we share our views on this type of initiatives. Enterprising was done in collaboration with our partners from Hungary, Belgium, Romania and Holland. Thanks to this project, seven young people from Aveiro had amazing…

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What does it mean to be a volunteer of Agora Aveiro?

19 Nov , 2015  

what does it mean to be a volunteer of agora aveiro?

Many of you have been asking us what does it mean to be a volunteer of Agora Aveiro, to whom are we helping, what are we doing and why. We will try to respond your questions. Agora Aveiro is a youth association that promotes an active citizenship. We don’t fight for one specific cause or help…

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Let’s celebrate Mental Health Day

7 Oct , 2015  

Dia da Saúde Mental

Let’s celebrate Mental Health Day! Like last years Agora Aveiro is preparing an activity for this important Day that is celebrated worldwide. This time, we want to write love letters to ourselves and we invite you to do the same! It’s going to happen on October 10th, in Forum in Aveiro. You just need to…

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Six youngsters represent Agora Aveiro in Croatia

20 Sep , 2015  

Six youngsters will represent Agora Aveiro in Croatia. They will participate in Erasmus+ funded training course entitled „Entrepreneurship School for Youth Workers – empowering for combating unemployment of youth in local communities“ that will take place in Croatian island Krk, this September. Thanks to the Erasmus plus program and to fruitful partnership between Croatian Forum for…

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Origami workshop at Ria de Aveiro

11 Aug , 2015  

Capa origami na Ria_New

The firs one ever Origami workshop at Ria de Aveiro will happen on 19th of September, with support of IPDJ. In the beautiful setting of Ilha dos Puxadoiros, we will have an Origami workshop, together with a few experts of this ancient Japanese art. You can still apply to go with us!  The idea is…


EVS opportunity for one Portuguese in Spain

2 Aug , 2015  

This week we got a great news from our Spanish partners, Oficina Jove Alt Urgell: their EVS project has been approved, and so there is an EVS opportunity for one Portuguese youngster in La Seu, Pyrenees, Spain! This project will last for 6 months and starts in September 2015. One Portuguese youngster will have a…


Enterprising workshop in Agora Aveiro

29 Jul , 2015   Gallery

Two of our volunteers, Alexandra and Sonia, participated in “Enterprising!” Training course last month in Romania, and this monday, they came to Agora Aveiro to share with us what they learned there. They run a workshop for our EVS volunteers, based on the experience from the training. We practiced several techniques who help to discover…


How to travel cheap presentation at Trilhos da Terra

29 Jul , 2015   Gallery

“How to travel cheap” presentation at Trilhos da Terra was held yesterday. Our volunteer Wiola, experienced traveler and blogger, wanted to share her tips and ideas by making creative and entertaining talk. We were hosted in Trilhos da Terra and around 60 people were in the audience. “Are you afraid that you don’t have money, ideas,…


Youth exchange under Erasmus+ program WAVE 2 in São Jacinto, Portugal

15 Jul , 2015   Gallery

youth exchange

WAVE 2: Surfing for Environment, Sustainability and Health in the Atlantic Ocean happened between 26.06 and 05.07 in São Jacinto, near Aveiro. We organised youth exchange for 35 participants from 7 EU countries. Here is what we were during all 10 days: Day 1-2 We arrived to the Scouts’ Center of São Jacinto. Despite long journey…


What is EVS? Presentation at Casa da Juventude

22 Jun , 2015   Gallery

what is EVS

What is European voluntary service (EVS)? How to go for an EVS? Is it possible to survive with the pocket money of an EVS volunteer?  These and other question were answered by our volunteers last Saturday at Casa da Juventude. Jasna (Croatia), Tanja (Latvia), Wiola (Poland) and Tea (Croatia), our four EVS volunteers, were speaking…


Study visit in Brussels, May 2015: Enterprising!

16 Jun , 2015   Gallery

study visit Brussels

Two volunteers of Agora Aveiro, Claudia and Valda, participated in a Study visit in Brussels that was hosted by our partner Out of the Box International. This activity was a part of the project “Enterprising”, developed by Agora Aveiro and supported by Erasmus+ program. As for objectives of Enterprising! project, we wanted our volunteers to learn…


Preparation for WAVE2 – our youth exchange in São Jacinto

15 Jun , 2015   Gallery

youth exchange

WAVE2: The second edition of successful youth exchange Wave, is going to happen between 26.06.2015-5.07.2015 in São Jacinto at the Atlantic coast in Portugal. WAVE2: Surfing for Environment, Sustainability and Health in the Atlantic Ocean project is a multilateral youth exchange with 35 youngsters from seven EU Countries (Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia and Latvia),…


Photo exhibition of our EVS volunteer

3 Jun , 2015   Gallery

From 2 to 17 of June at Centro Cultural Mercado Negro we can see the exhibition of our EVS volunteer and photographer Tatjana Aleksandrovna Veselova. This is experimental exhibition where planks of wood were used as surface for photos instead of usual paper. The inspiration came from DIY projects of transferring photos to wooden surfaces.…


Agora Aveiro was at TEDxAveiro

24 May , 2015   Gallery

Agora Aveiro was at TEDxAveiro last weekend! There was a lot of work with preparation of this huge conference and we helped the amazing team of TEDxAveiro volunteers. Agora Aveiro is one of co-organisers and our EVS volunteers did a great job before the event as well as during the day of TEDx talks. They took care…


Human Library

10 May , 2015   Gallery

Human Library was our great event organised by our EVS volunteers. For them, this was the biggest challenge of their service so far. Since the moment when the friend of us mentioned the idea of Human Library that was launched first in Denmark, then spread all over different countries, we knew that we have to…


Do you need it? Then take it!

1 May , 2015   Video

Do you need it? Then take it! On Wednesday afternoon those who were coming back from work could ran into clothes put on hangers and spread around on the streets of Aveiro. Each and every had attached a label saying: “Estás a precisar? Então, podes levar”. The idea comes from Porto and was launched in…


Rita is going to Iceland!

29 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Our friend Rita is going to Iceland! She is about to start her six months EVS (European voluntary service) adventure on this beautiful island and we prepared her a pre-departure training. She will be leading different camps for youngsters all over the country. On her pre-departure training we bumped her with amazing photos of Icelandic…


Mata do Bussaco

27 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Last week, Agora Aveiro visited Mata do Bussaco, a beautiful and huge forest located 50 kilometres from Aveiro. With an atmosphere that rivals that of places like Sintra, Bussaco is a great place to spend some time surrounded by nature. Mata do Bussaco Foundation, the organisation that takes care of the forest is applying for…


On arrival Training for EVS volunteers

19 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Last week, in Braga, there was an “On Arrival Training” for EVS volunteers. So, that’s where our four volunteers were. Every EVS volunteer has to take part in this training organised by the Portuguese National Agency. It’s a set of workshops, where new volunteers train their soft skills, learn about their rights and responsibilities, and…


Inês is going for an EVS in Slovenia

10 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Our volunteer Inês is going for an EVS in Slovenia. Does EVS stand for Exciting Vacation in Slovenia? Is Youthpass your ticket to travel to Slovenia for free? What is the most important thing to do during your EVS? Do you need to follow every instruction and carry every task as you were told? Or…

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Clothes swap party – Take what you need

1 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Spring is the best time to make some changes in your wardrobe. Agora Aveiro organised a clothes swap party in café Biscoito. If you often find yourself saying you have nothing to wear, yet your closet is full, you are the right person to take part in a clothes swap party. This works in a pretty…


Visiting Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo

25 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Our EVS volunteer Tanja went to Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo to photograph a promotional TEDxAveiro event. The event was organised by some of our volunteers, and Sofia and Ângelo. Sofia and Ângelo are animators part of the technical staff of the retirement home. They have been doing amazing and entertaining activities with these elderly…


Agora Aveiro visited “Casa do Professor”

25 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Last week, Agora Aveiro visited “Casa do Professor”. A retirement home in Bairro Santiago where most of the residents were professors. It houses around 20 people, some of which are nearly 100 years old but can still carry a conversation and delight you with their stories. Our EVS volunteers were invited to make a short…


Big success of our Kissing and Hugging Spots! Agora Aveiro featured in media.

20 Mar , 2015   Gallery

We never expected that our Kissing and Hugging Spots would go viral. We are thrilled to announce that… we are famous! We sent a press release to our local newspaper, Diáro de Aveiro, and they published an article about the activity, EVS, and active citizenship. We were already thinking about our next projects when more…


First month in Aveiro for our EVS volunteers

2 Mar , 2015   Video

First month of our EVS volunteers in Aveiro has just passed! Wiola, Tanja, Jasna and Tea are doing their European Voluntary Service in Agora Aveiro, living far away from their homes and experiencing a completely new lifestyle. What they think about living in Portugal? They shared their impressions: Wiola – First month in Aveiro for our…

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Guerrilla in Aveiro: Project Valentino

16 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Guerrilla Project Valentino happened in Aveiro and suddenly our town was in all the local and national media! YALA (Your Active Life in Aveiro), our brand new EVS project has started and volunteers got the first task: they had to invent, prepare and lead some guerrilla activity. Guerrilla is trademark of Agora Aveiro and so…


Discovering Aveiro: peddy paper for new EVS volunteers

7 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Discovering Aveiro – peddy paper challenge for new EVS volunteers, happened last week! The first challenge that our new EVS volunteers had to face was to find their way around the city of Aveiro, discover its flavours and and check out (almost) every corner. They had to: find out what ovos moles are, have one…