Become a volunteer

If you like what we do and would like to join us – it’s easy – you can become an Agora Aveiro volunteer!

But… How do you become a volunteer?
And what does that mean exactly?

It means that you can join any of the Agora Aveiro’s ongoing projects, and help as much as you can during their organisation,  implementation, etc. You can also propose your own project ideas. If it fits our mission and the other volunteers like it – we can do it together!

It means that you automatically get new friends.

It also means that you will have priority during the selection process of our international projects (free of charge training courses and youth exchanges, happening all around Europe, that normally last up to 10 days).

Finally, it means that you will promote active citizenship in Aveiro. Together, we make Aveiro grow, and we grow along with it!

And what does it not mean?

Being a volunteer does not mean that you can promise to do something and then not show up or just give up halfway through.

Ok, you decided, you want to become one of us. What now?

1) Become an official member. It’s free (we do accept donations, but it’s not mandatory!). Click here.

2) Connect with us on Facebook, on the “insiders” group “Amigos da Agora Aveiro”. Ask to join this group, and follow what is going on. We publish news, future projects, ideas, and share interesting content. It’s also where we announce our meetings.

3) Come to a meeting, we don’t bite.  Usually, we meet every Tuesday, at 21h15, in the attic of our headquarters (Rua dos Mercadores, nº3). Check if we’ll be there next Tuesday and join us. There are free cookies, popcorn and tea for all.

What do we need from volunteers?

We need volunteers to join the ongoing and still to be developed activities/projects. Although we don’t have many recurring activities, and are always seeking new projects, there are some things we need regularly, such as:

– translations (EN->PT, PT->EN)

– design (posters, images, flyers…)

– Portuguese lessons for international volunteers

– “buddies” for international volunteers

– stories for our “I Love Aveiro” project

– photography

– video-making (filming + editing)

– assistance with the organisation of Language Exchange meetings

If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, let us know!

What does a volunteer get?

The opportunity to get to know amazing people and spend time with them, learn how to do new things, gain new skills and competences. This kind of learning is called “non-formal education”, and it’s actually fun. You can practice foreign languages, participate in international projects abroad for free, do amazing stuff in Aveiro and have a lot of fun with an awesome group of young people.

Volunteering abroad – European Voluntary Service

If you are interested in experiencing living and volunteering in another country, we have something for you too! Agora Aveiro has an accreditation to send and host EVS volunteers. If you would like to go through this unique and life changing experience, contact us, and we can be your hosting or sending organization. You have to be less than 30 years old and not have done a long term EVS before. You can read more about Agora Aveiro’s EVS projects here, more info about EVS in general you can find here.


Our NGO does not have any regular funding. We are lucky to not have to pay rent for our office (courtesy of CMA). Most of our activities are low cost, we promote recycling, reusing and creative approaches to project development every time we can, but we still have bills to pay, and we would like to provide good working conditions and an enjoyable space for our volunteers, as well as develop more comprehensive projects. Therefore, if you recognize our work as something valuable to our society and would like to help us, we gratefully accept donations. It can be in the form of money, services, furniture or whatever you think we might need at the moment.

Tell us what you have in your mind, or make a donation to: PT50 0035 0123 00133731530 56 …. Thank you!

If you have another idea…

Have a different idea about how we could cooperate? Tell us: