Big success of our Kissing and Hugging Spots! Agora Aveiro featured in media.

20 Mar , 2015   Gallery

We never expected that our Kissing and Hugging Spots would go viral. We are thrilled to announce that… we are famous!

We sent a press release to our local newspaper, Diáro de Aveiro, and they published an article about the activity, EVS, and active citizenship. We were already thinking about our next projects when more and more Portuguese newspapers started to be interested in our idea. Soon enough, we were featured in Diáro de Notícias and Público.

After that, came an interview with Porto Canal:

And one of the most watched TV channels in Portugal, SIC:

Our fellow friend Diogo even went to Porto to take part in one of the evening show. He talked about the Kissing and Hugging Spots (of course), volunteering, and the youth exchanges he was part of thanks to Agora Aveiro.

Agora Aveiro in SIC

We stayed at home and watched:

The Kissing and Hugging Spots served the citizens of Aveiro well. When the people from Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo, a retirement and assisted living facility came to visit, they hugged, kissed, took photos and created a beautiful gallery. Here is one of the pictures:

Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo

Free Hugs – Abraços grátis were also curious about our idea. So much so that, representatives from the association came to share some hugs:

Free hugs

It was amazing that our small activity brought that much interest. Thanks to that we had a chance to speak about Agora Aveiro, the European Voluntary Service, youth initiatives, active citizenship and the other things our association cares about.

Associação para a promoção da cidadania ativa