Agora went to plant the future

20 Dec , 2017  

This year, Agora Aveiro joined the environmental organization BioLiving and the Comissão de Faina de Biologia for the 4th edition of “Biologia a Plantar o Futuro”. A project that stands for the conservation and promotion of the Portuguese native forests.  

Born in 2014, by the hands of the biology students from the University of Aveiro, the project challenges young students to do more for the forest. In a year when countless fires devastated hundreds of homes and lives, students bring hope and show how they can play a key role in the recovery from this environmental and social catastrophe.  

Following the guidelines of past editions, in the beginning of the school year, biology freshmen students received native trees. Students were then responsible for taking care of the trees for more than one month. This year, investigation units, teachers and other workers of the Biology Department also teamed up. Furthermore, the seeds who will germinate into the trees for next year edition, were also sowed.  

On the 16th of December, in Mata de Vilar, Porto Distric, the trees transplantation took place. This 14-hectare forest is considered the “Lousada lung” and was, recently, a target of municipal intervention aiming to eradicate invasive species, such as eucalyptus and acacia. Therefore, the “Biologia a plantar o futuro” project was part of “Plantar Lousada”, an action promoted by the city hall, with the support and technical orientation from the environmental organization BioLiving.  

An enthusiastic team of more than 60 volunteers surpassed, hugely, our predictions. Instead of the 300 trees that were initially expected to be planted, we achieved almost 600 trees. More than one hectare of forest was blessed with an intervention that will bring to life a mist native forest of common oaks, evergreen oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees and bay laurels, among other native trees. Besides this plantation, oak acorns were sowed and an interpretative walk through the forest allowed the participants to know more about the biodiversity of this rich forest.  

Along with hundreds of planted trees, the feeling of mission accomplishment prevails and grows a hope that more projects like this will sprout all over our country for the recovery and conservation of the native forest. Who knows what the next year will bring, maybe the project will grow more and more just like an exuberant, strong, healthy and happy forest! 

This project was a collaboration between Agora Aveiro, the environmental organization BioLiving, plus Comissão de Faina de Biologia, with the support of Lousada City Hall, Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia and the Biology Department. 

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