Buy Nothing Day – the day without shopping

30 Nov , 2017  

On November 24th, athought there was a rain forecast, we went out to the streets, not to celebrate Black Friday, but Buy Nothing Day instead.

Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against comsumerism, founded by the artist Ted Dave in Canada in 1992.

This day strategically coincides with Black Friday, where stores offer big discounts and appeal to an excessive and uncoscious consumption.

In a world where media and stores are constantly targetting us  with attractive adverts and offers, seducing the consumer to buy unnecessary products, Agora Aveiro has broken this tendency to provide alternatives to consumerism and make people question their consumption habits.

On the early morning of November 24th, we woke up earlier to set up (literally!) several clothes lines with coupons made by us, at Rua dos Mercadores.

“Happiness is not measured by sales”, “offer your time”, “use less, love more” and “you don’t use it anymore? Offer it to someone who needs it” were some of the sentences used in these coupons.

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