“Café Suspenso” has new homes

28 Nov , 2017  

Thanks to “Geração Z” and our fantastic volunteers, you will be able to leave a suspended coffee in 6 new places. Espaço Criativo Biscoito, Coffee-Break, Grão de Café, Nós Trás-Os-MOntes, Pastelaria Máxima, and Vegifrut (this one offering more than just coffee), are now part of the “Café Suspenso” family. “Café Suspenso” is the advanced purchase…


Mental Health Day: (Dis)connect!

18 Oct , 2017   Video

Dia da Saúde Mental: (Des)liga!

Let us guess, your dinner was being boring and you decided to pick up your smartphone and slide your thumb, hoping to find something that breaks the silence? Or were you having your free time, after a long day of classes or work, and you decided that the best option was to spend that time…


Café Suspenso is in “Geração Z”

29 Jun , 2017  

Last May we told you about the “Geração Z” volunteering program and how we were working on an application.Well, we are proud to inform you that, we submitted “Café Suspenso” and it was accepted. We are now looking forward to having two volunteers join us in our efforts to grow “Café Suspenso”. While working on…


“Generation Z” is taking on volunteering

10 May , 2017  

IPDJ is promoting “Geração Z” a volunteering opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 30. As part of the “Agora Nós” program, this campaign aims to promote opportunities for young people to live an active life and develop new skills through non-formal education, by volunteering with entities that deal in areas such…


Free Hugs at the University of Aveiro

1 Mar , 2017   Gallery

They were barely out of exam season, and already the students from the University of Aveiro were worrying about a new semester. Since it was February, and the sun still refused to cooperate and brighten their day, we took it upon ourselves to do something. First, we made hundreds of fortune cookies with quotes to…


Video of DO STH NICE EVS project is online

22 Dec , 2016   Video

evs volunteers, do sth nice project

Video of DO STH NICE EVS project is online! Check it out and see how our EVS volunteers spent their 4 months in Aveiro. DO SHT NICE: “Discover Opportunities, Seize The Hour & Never Ignore Creative Energy” was an EVS project that took place in Aveiro in summer of 2016. We hosted 6 volunteers from 5…


Guerrilla Gardening and spreading positive attitudes

30 May , 2016  

It is not our main field of activity, but we like to say that Agora Aveiro has been spreading positive attitudes since 2010. This time we did it by doing some Guerrilla Gardening! Inspired by a well-known worldwide movement and powered by our tireless volunteers (special thanks to the biologists among them), we spread around…

Erasmus+, Erasmus+

DO STH NICE in Aveiro: Our new EVS Project

2 May , 2016  

youth exchange

DO SHT NICE: “Discover Opportunities, Seize The Hour & Never Ignore Creative Energy” is our new EVS project and it will take place between July and October of 2016, in Aveiro, Portugal. The project is financed by Erasmus+ program. We will host volunteers from 5 different European countries! Volunteers will be chosen based on their…

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What does it mean to be a volunteer of Agora Aveiro?

19 Nov , 2015  

what does it mean to be a volunteer of agora aveiro?

Many of you have been asking us what does it mean to be a volunteer of Agora Aveiro, to whom are we helping, what are we doing and why. We will try to respond your questions. Agora Aveiro is a youth association that promotes an active citizenship. We don’t fight for one specific cause or help…

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Let’s celebrate Mental Health Day

7 Oct , 2015  

Dia da Saúde Mental

Let’s celebrate Mental Health Day! Like last years Agora Aveiro is preparing an activity for this important Day that is celebrated worldwide. This time, we want to write love letters to ourselves and we invite you to do the same! It’s going to happen on October 10th, in Forum in Aveiro. You just need to…