Do you need it? Then take it!

1 May , 2015   Video

Do you need it? Then take it! On Wednesday afternoon those who were coming back from work could ran into clothes put on hangers and spread around on the streets of Aveiro. Each and every had attached a label saying: “Estás a precisar? Então, podes levar”. The idea comes from Porto and was launched in our city by Agora Aveiro.

After an event called “Clothes swap party”, where people were bringing clothes that they no longer use, we had a lot of clothes left and we didn’t know what to do with them. We decided to share the clothes in unusual way and the idea of simply displaying them on the street seemed to be perfect. There is a lot of people who need clothes and at the same time we buy so much that we don’t need. This way we wanted to show to people how to make good use out of their unused clothes rather than keeping them in their attics.

While volunteers were placing hangers with clothes on the fences and trees, people already were approaching showing interest and taking some of the items. We hope that we put this will inspire people of Aveiro to do more good things in everyday life.

Are you interested in doing such an initiative with us? Write us to our email: agora.aveiro(at)gmail.com

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