Enterprising workshop in Agora Aveiro

29 Jul , 2015   Gallery

Two of our volunteers, Alexandra and Sonia, participated in “Enterprising!” Training course last month in Romania, and this monday, they came to Agora Aveiro to share with us what they learned there.

They run a workshop for our EVS volunteers, based on the experience from the training. We practiced several techniques who help to discover an entrepreneurial spirit in ourselves. We were working on our strengths and finding our priorities through several games and tests. Alexandra and Sonia, who already have been working as a trainers and couches did a great job!

“Enterprising!” is a mobility project for youngsters and youth workers, in the framework of Erasmus plus EC program. Through this project, several opportunities for volunteers of Agora Aveiro created: two volunteers, Diogo and Bruno, went to Netherlands and joined a training on personal development, Valda and Claudia made a study visit to various institutions in Brussels, and finally, Sonia and Alexandra went to Iasi and were hosted in Synergy Romania during 10 days long training course, where they learned about the tendencies, methods and best practices of starting a social enterprise. This project started in January 2015 and will end in December 2015.

When making the application for this project, the objectives of Agora Aveiro were to create opportunities for the volunteers to inquire knowledge, skills and experience about social entrepreneurship in order to build them into our structure. The most important was to share these new skills with young people living in Aveiro, and with our volunteers. After acquired such competences we would like to encourage volunteers, youth workers and young people in Aveiro to act in order to achieve their goals, to see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to create their own workplace and in the mean time organize similar local activities to develop creativity, entrepreneurship, social and digital competences, as well as organise Youth exchange project to share skills.
Our partners in this project were: ReCreativity from Hungary, The Out of the Box International from Brussels, Olde Vechte Foundation from Netherlands and Synergy Romania.

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