EVS: Do something nice for Aveiro and yourself

24 Oct , 2016  

Since July Agora Aveiro is hosting 3 EVS volunteers under the ERASMUS+ project DO STH NICE – “Discover Opportunities, Seize the Hour, Never Ignore Creative Energy”.  Marko from Serbia, Beatrice from Romania and Katrina from Latvia, together with our local volunteers are developing different projects in Aveiro. But, besides “Doing something nice” for Aveiro, they also do it for themselves.

Maybe you have already met them on the streets of Aveiro promoting the project “I ♥ Aveiro”. Or maybe you met them in the Language Exchange Meetings that are happening every Wednesday. But EVS in not only about learning and developing new ideas. It is also about raising awareness about other cultures and countries, and meeting new people. And the best way to do it is by travelling.

In the end of September, volunteers had their well deserved holidays!

Beatrice challenged herself and decided to walk to Santiago de  Compostela. One week, 160 km, backpack, map, some advices from local friends- it was all what she needed in order to walk this amazing route. And the people she met on the way are now friends forever.

Bea's vacation

Bea’s camino and Camino de Santiago, Portugal/Spain

Marko is in love with Spain. He spent 2 weeks travelling there, meeting people, visiting many cities and villages. It was also a good chance to practice his Spanish language, to get to know culture by being not typical tourist, but adventurer.

Marko's vacation

Marko’s exploration of Andalusia/Spain

Katrina went to explore Madeira. For her it was an amazing adventure. The highlight for her was Ponta de São Lourenço. Every meter in this 8 km walk was breathtaking and the moment of having lunch on the top of the cliff will stay forever. As well as the moment of lizards attacking her sandwich.


Katrina’s adventure in Madeira

Doing volunteering and exploring the country during project helped them to do something nice for themselves – they understood that by doing good for others they can actually learn a lot and find their limits.

This and other EVS projects were funded by Erasmus+ programme. Every youngster can do one EVS mobility project. For more info check out this page of our website and contact us.

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