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EVS: They came to DO STH NICE

18 Jul , 2016  

Our new EVS volunteers are in town! Six people from five different countries came to “DO STH NICE”, which is the name of Agora Aveiro’s latest EVS project. “Discover Opportunities, Seize the Hour, Never Ignore Creative Energy” is what this project is all about. You can expect to see our volunteers spend the next four months developing creative and meaningful projects in Aveiro. We’ll publish more about what they are up to, so stay tuned.

DO STH NICE has two components. A short term EVS, from July to August 2016 with 3 volunteers, and a long term EVS, from July to November with another 3 more volunteers. Welcome, Dragan from Bosnia, Jovana and Marko from Serbia, Tibor from Hungary, Beatrice from Romania and Katrina from Latvia.

Short term volunteers will mostly support the Skills Lab Free Workshops, holding and assisting workshops happening daily, for an entire month in summer. The workshops have different topics related to travelling, life experience, personal and professional growth, etc. The long-term volunteers will develop numerous projects on their own and try to leave their mark on our town. Information about the project, their progress and results, will be published here and on our Facebook page.

Every European between 18 and 30 can take part in EVS mobility projects, which are funded by the Erasmus+ program. For more info check this page or contact us.

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