EVS with Agora Aveiro

Agora Aveiro is an accredited organisation to send, receive and coordinate European Voluntary Service projects, since 2012. Our accreditation number is: 2015-1-PT02-KA110-002362

Agora Aveiro as:

sending organisation

If you are between 18 and 30 years old you qualify to take part in one short term and one long term EVS project. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you should not miss it! You can spend up to 1 year in one of over 50 countries and do things that matter to you. All, while having have your accommodation, meals, transportation ticket, insurance, and language classes paid for by the project grant. And you still receive some pocket money! Sounds good? We can help you find your placement with the European Voluntary Service and be your sending organisation. This means that we can show you where to look for placements and how to send a good motivational letter and CV. After that, we can prepare you for your service, help you buy transportation tickets and provide adequate mentorship when you are away.

Iceland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Finland, are a some of the countries where we have sent people to do their EVS projects. If you would like to do EVS abroad, contact us. But, before that, we suggest you look for potential projects that you would like to join in the Erasmus+ EVS database. You can search by country, topic, city, etc.

We have manuals on “What is EVS” and “How to go for an EVS“, that you can check. We have also gathered testimonials of former EVS volunteer that we hosted and sent. Take a look! Our experience says that it’s not always easy to find an EVS placement and that it might be even more difficult to find a good one! Don’t go for EVS just because. Try to find a project that really fits your needs and interests. 

receiving organisation

We have coordinated and hosted 6 EVS projects since 2014. Usually, we receive 3 to 6 people, from 1 to 7 months, depending on our needs at the time. So far, we have hosted 20 volunteers from Poland, France, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Latvia. 

We don’t have any open positions right now, but, if you want to plan in advance and do your EVS with us in 2018/19, you can check out the process and apply here.

If you are curious about our past projects, check the video for 2015 here, and the video for 2016 here. You can also read testimonials from some of our volunteers. Here you can read about one of our latest EVS projects.  

coordinating organisation

We help write EVS projects. In 2015, we established a partnership with a few regional institutions that wanted to receive volunteers. If you would like to host EVS volunteers but don’t have the time, human resources, or simply don’t want to deal with the paperwork, see here how to proceed and contact us if you are interested