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EVS Testimonials

Marko R., from Serbia, spent four months in Agora Aveiro on the “DO STH NICE” EVS project, which, according to him, changed his life.EVS was great. And the best thing comes after the EVS when you realise what a wonderful thing happened to you and how different your way will go afterwards”, says Marko. He adds that he would definitely recommend EVS to other young people: “Of course. After high school, and even after college, EVS should be the only choice to see the world with different eyes and gain different skills one cannot get through ‘standard’ education.


Smiling: An important feature of a good EVS (Marko and Beatrice)

Joana M. did her EVS in Croatia, with Agora Aveiro as her sending organisation. Joana says that the only bad thing about her EVS was that it was too short. Adds that she simply loved meeting great people, learning and “growing up”. She says she improved her communication, management and empathy skills and: “I d like to recommend EVS to everyone who is brave enough to challenge themselves. There is no gender or education that will prevent anyone from being able to do it


Last day of Joana’s EVS in Croatia

Katrina O. from Latvia did her 4 month-long EVS in Agora Aveiro. She says that the best part of it was “Learning both personal and professional development. And new friends, of course!” She recommends EVS to every young person, as a way for them to develop new competencies and boost the existing ones.


Katrina discovering Portugal during her free days

Jovana G., from Serbia, was a volunteer in the “DO STH NICE” short term EVS activity in Agora Aveiro, during the summer of 2016. She says that the best thing about her EVS was “having the chance to spend time with people from my own country as well as with people from other countries who could speak my native tongue. While we were abroad we got to practice English and learn the local language together. That was simply amazing”. Jovana recommends EVS to her peers: “Absolutely. Because, in a sense, it helps to pull yourself together. I am more aware of what I’d like to do in the future, career-wise“, says Jovana.


Jovana meeting new friends during her EVS

Rita O., from Aveiro, spent five months doing EVS in Iceland! Here’s what she says: “I would definitely recommend EVS to everyone. It is an amazing opportunity to grow as a global citizen and to improve our social, communication and organisation skills. Besides, it allows us to live in a different country, meet and live with locals and make memories and friends for life. It’s definitely an experience to learn a lot about ourselves, the others around us and the world itself. The best thing about the EVS project I took part in was the variety of projects I got to be involved in. It gave me the possibility to work with so many different people, places, and topics. Also, having worked with such different people in such different projects, I feel like I got to develop my soft skills greatly: how to deal with people, how to manage projects… Every little thing taught me something! I truly loved everything. The thing that I liked the least was probably some issues that were not dealt with in a totally transparent way within the hosting organisation or the volunteers, but ultimately everything was just perfect. I am very much satisfied with the help provided by my sending organisation, Agora Aveiro. They helped me before, during and after my EVS. They provided all kinds of help and helped me even from a distance.”


Rita having fun in Iceland

Beatrice P., from Romania, lived in Aveiro for 4 months, while volunteering on the “DO STH NICE” EVS project in Agora Aveiro. About her EVS experience, she says: “The best thing was meeting people from different countries and exchanging ideas and views about life and the world“. Beatrice says that she would definitely recommend EVS to everyone: “Definitely, yes. It’s an amazing experience which everyone who lives in an European, multicultural society should have. And by volunteering in another country I think that one gets a different comprehension about how to integrate oneself in such a community.

EVS Project DO STH NICE has just ended

EVS Project “DO STH NICE” has just ended