First month in Aveiro for our EVS volunteers

2 Mar , 2015   Video

First month of our EVS volunteers in Aveiro has just passed! Wiola, Tanja, Jasna and Tea are doing their European Voluntary Service in Agora Aveiro, living far away from their homes and experiencing a completely new lifestyle. What they think about living in Portugal? They shared their impressions:

Wiola – First month in Aveiro for our EVS volunteers

EVS Wiola

“I like my job and I’m happy that I can participate in this EVS”

It’s been over a month since I arrived to Aveiro. Seems like I already belong to this place. I simply like to walk streets cobbled with white little rocks, they are so sophisticated comparing to concrete slabs that we have in Poland. And tiles, tiles everywhere! First impression: they have tiles outside of houses instead in bathrooms. Funny. Another funny thing: your coffee is served in tiny cups and that allows you to take like only three sips. And that will give you a boost, of course, but what when you want to discuss something with your friend over a coffee? Not so much time for that before your coffee it’s finished. In Poland we take triple latte for this occasions and here I cannot have them. At least they are more expensive.

When I already finish my morning coffee I have to take another one. Not because it is too weak, it’s super strong, but rainy days in Aveiro sometimes are never ending story. After all these coffees I can go to work. I don’t need to rush, although I still feel guilty when I’m not exactly on time. This is the thing I will never adapt, I don’t think that things scheduled at 9 o’clock should start at 9.20. One of the things that surprise me, but not in good way is that there are so many empty buildings, beautiful buildings that turn into a ruin instead into a prosperous business. That’s sad.

I like my job and I’m happy that I can participate in this EVS, live Portuguese life and be amazed every day more and more.

Jasna – First month in Aveiro for our EVS volunteers

EVS Jasna

“I feel like I’m already “native” in Aveiro”

It’s been a month since I packed 27 kilos of my stuff and from snowy Zagreb went to sunny Portugal. Now I feel like I’m already “native” in Aveiro, so called Portuguese Venice; town in which houses have no heating; in which humidity is so high that they put tiles on facades; town in which flamingos are white; in which there is no normal yoghurt but there’s cod in all versions; town in which everybody is nice and when they see you they don’t shake hands but kiss you twice, once in every cheek, even if it’s the first time you see them; town in which my name is pronounced Žašna and in which love is important. I know how to order coffee and say thank you when they bring it to me, and sometimes I even understand when they say how much it costs 😀 I love it here.

Tea – First month in Aveiro for our EVS volunteers


“After a week you already feel like home and it is just getting better and better’

When I arrived my first thought was that umbrella will be my must-have winter accessories and also one of my best friends. After couple of walks my second impresson was that I better forget about this ultimate accessories because wind kills umbrella’s on a regural basis. But then, as soon as sun comes out and in beginning of March you are drinking coffee in leather jacket under perfectly blue sky, you realise how it is easy to forgive for that terrible wind-rain mixture. After a week you already feel like home and it is just getting better and better. Aveiro is beautiful and clean city where you can walk almost everywhere and where it seems like public transportation is useful only for going to the beach. In this environment it is not difficult to work, our job is always interesting and fun, and every problem looks easier to solve. Like I said, this is just a beginning and my impression is that the next months will be even more sunny and happy.

Tanja – First month in Aveiro for our EVS volunteers

Tanja EVS

“I really enjoy my time here, local people are very open and friendly’

What can I say? AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Lots of things I saw for the first time and things which happened to me for the first time. Ocean, palms, clementine trees, carnival, for the first time my photo was published in newspaper, second biggest newspaper in Portugal.
Regarding work until now I have only the most positive feedback, I like working there so much, that once I even came to the office one hour earlier. What can I say? I just like projects that we do there and feel good around people I’m working with. Before I came I was worried about socialising in Portugal. I didn’t knew anyone and no one knew me. I was so mistaken in those fears. In one month I met more people than in 3 years in my country! Thanks to them I was able to meet “PUTAN CLUB” and become the only person to videotape their concert in Portugal. It was also the first time when I was filming event alone, not with filming group. Nice experience. I really enjoy my time here, local people are very open and friendly, just like nature in Portugal. Yes it rains sometimes, there is wind, but bright colours of the nature, sun and blue sky erases ever makes all minuses seem so natural and not worth complaining about. So many things happened in such a small time and most were memorised by feelings, not by memory. If I’ll try to explain all of them in words, I will fail, words are limited, feelings are unlimited. I feel like it’s been forever, forever in a good way. I feel like belonging here, like I lived here all my life. I guess, it’s a good sign. And I hope even better thing will happen in future.

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