Six youngsters represent Agora Aveiro in Croatia

20 Sep , 2015  

Six youngsters will represent Agora Aveiro in Croatia. They will participate in Erasmus+ funded training course entitled „Entrepreneurship School for Youth Workers – empowering for combating unemployment of youth in local communities“ that will take place in Croatian island Krk, this September.

Thanks to the Erasmus plus program and to fruitful partnership between Croatian Forum for Freedom in Education and Agora Aveiro, Hugo, Susana, Patricia, Alexandra and two Margaridas will represent Agora Aveiro on this international project. This will be an eight day training course and will bring together 25 young people who work with young people from four European countries – Croatia, Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

During the training course, the participants are going to improve their skills related to entrepreneurship, working in team, communication skills and self-employment skills, all of which will be applied in work with young people, as well as in the work of their organisation in general. At the training the participants will practice and gain new knowledge and skills in communication, self-reflection, entrepreneurship, making their idea into practice and empowering youth to active engagement, that will enhance their work. The entire training will include the adoption of a series of knowledge and skills which will help youth workers to transfer their knowledge to youth and thus will the young people become initiators of social change in their communities.

The overall goal of the project is to improve communication and entrepreneurial skills and abilities of the participants, who will then be able to empower and encourage young people to become initiators of social change in their local communities and to start their ideas into action.

Specific objectives of this project are to provide participants with new skills, knowledge, techniques and tools that will help them in their future work with young people and to encourage them to realize their ideas into action in order to develop entrepreneurial skills in youth, which include communication, presentation, organizational skills, but also a number of important skills to function in a future job and work in a business environment.

The training will take place in Njivice, island of Krk, from September 28, 2015 to October 7, 2015.

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