Free Hugs at the University of Aveiro

1 Mar , 2017   Gallery

They were barely out of exam season, and already the students from the University of Aveiro were worrying about a new semester. Since it was February, and the sun still refused to cooperate and brighten their day, we took it upon ourselves to do something. First, we made hundreds of fortune cookies with quotes to inspire people to take charge and bring forth change. Then, we cleared the dust off our trusted Free Hugs signs and set course to the campus.

The fortune cookies could be found all over campus, as well as some flyers with Agora Aveiro’s contact info. Despite the rainy weather, during lunch time, we hugged dozens of people. While some ran toward us, others were a little shy at first. At the end of the day, with small gestures, we managed to make someone’s day better. During this week we shared the quotes on our facebook hoping to inspire more people to take the small steps that lead to big changes.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to join us on our quest to make Aveiro, and the world, a better place.

Associação para a promoção da cidadania ativa