Guerrilla Gardening and spreading positive attitudes

30 May , 2016  

It is not our main field of activity, but we like to say that Agora Aveiro has been spreading positive attitudes since 2010. This time we did it by doing some Guerrilla Gardening! Inspired by a well-known worldwide movement and powered by our tireless volunteers (special thanks to the biologists among them), we spread around 300 cans with flowers and wheatgrass all around Aveiro.

If you want to know more about the Guerrilla Gardening movement, we recommend you check this out, and take a look at the different approach this gardener shared in his TED talk.
If you are interested in this kind of action, don’t wait around for someone else to do it. Joins us or become a gardener yourself, check this manual.
We leave you with some beautiful photos from our Guerrilla Gardening action. Next time you see some lovely flowers in Aveiro, it might just be us spreading positive attitudes and happiness again!

Associação para a promoção da cidadania ativa