Guerrilla in Aveiro: Project Valentino

16 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Guerrilla Project Valentino happened in Aveiro and suddenly our town was in all the local and national media!

YALA (Your Active Life in Aveiro), our brand new EVS project has started and volunteers got the first task: they had to invent, prepare and lead some guerrilla activity. Guerrilla is trademark of Agora Aveiro and so they had to make some guerrilla work! In this we we try to promote active citizenship.

Inspired by project Amelie from Lisbon, we launched our own version and named it Valentino since The Valentine Day was coming. Our Valentino contained three activities: firstly, we prepared posts with handwritten messages: “You are beautiful”, “Forgive yourself”, “You deserve to be loved”, “A friend’s eye is a good mirror” and Agora Aveiro’s logo in the corner. Secondly we bought cocktail straws and with mini laundry clippers we attached little cards with suggestions: “Agora beija-o”, “Agora fala-Ihle”, “Agora pergunta-Ihle o nome” (“Now, kiss him”, “Now talk to him”, “Now ask his name”. The word Agora was a reference to Agora Aveiro). On the evening of the Valentine Day we went around bars and clubs in Aveiro, put posts on the mirrors and asked bartenders to give to people our straws. The reaction of people was amazing and in this way we were promoting our association.


Guerrilla in Aveiro: Project Valentino

But the biggest success were our Kissing and Hugging Spots. We’ve chosen few spots in the city and painted by washable paint the words: “Agora beija-me”, and “Agora abraça-me”. In this way we created in Aveiro unique places for kissing and hugging.

To test our spots we asked random people that we’ve met nearby for kissing and hugging. It went well! Kissing and Hugging Spots are working!

That was the first trial for our team. We learned how to cooperate, create ideas and make them to happen.

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