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How about volunteering in Slovenia

2 Mai , 2017  

How about volunteering in Slovenia? Would you like to spend six unforgettable months doing an EVS project in KNOF social company, in a beautiful town od Sevnica, starting from June 1st? Agora Aveiro is a partner on “UNCOVER STEPS TO DREAMS” project and there is one placement for a youngster from Portugal. The only requirements are: you have never done a long term EVS before and you are under 30 years old. All the costs are covered, including: flights, accommodation, pocket-money, health insurance…

Looking for one highly motivated, independent, responsible, flexible, self-initiating and active volunteer with some experience or knowledge in at least one of the following fields: sustainable development, social economy, promotion of conscious consuming and green living, arts and crafts, event management, project development, community engagement, entrepreneurship, web design, multimedia.

KNOF is situated in a small town of Sevnica, surrounded by beautiful nature, so the project is more suitable for nature lovers who don’t get easily bored and have a motivation to co-create the community of social economy of Posavje region and Slovenia. If you enjoy researching, writing articles, expressing your talents to help other people in the community, this is a plus. If  you are creative and crafty, know multimedia, this is another plus. If  you are opened and prepared to try different thing and work for greater good, this is a big plus.

Context of the project: The project will be implemented in the municipality of Sevnica, Posavje region, where the average unemployment rate is 11% , the youth sector is very small and youth work is in stagnation. Sevnica is in surface one of the largest municipalities in Slovenia, but has low population, in the municipality there are 15.000 inhabitans, in town Sevnica 5.000. It is quite a closed environment, which nurtures traditional values, because most of the municipality is rural. Young foreigners bring freshness and a sense of European integration. Our organisation is the only provider of international youth projects and the EVS in the municipality, so we consider to be very important link in promoting European citizenship at the local level. Our importance is recognised by the mayor of Sevnica Srečko Ocvirk that supports us morally and gives us place to work. Young people who go to study in larger towns they often stay there after studying, because they do not see prospects for development and progress here. By hosting the EVS we want to promote the mobility of young people and promote also the opportunities young people have today, with the help of European and local support, so even in rural areas quality of life is high and could be very creative and has potential to grow.

Hosting organisation KNOF is a social company and a social incubator and is involved in the local community since 2007. Our organization has a vivid network with regional public and private organizations, NGO’s, youth centres, companies.

In Sevnica, despite the small size of the town there are available a lot of leisure activities: Free outdoor Fitness by the river Sava, outdoor swimming pool, summer festival on the castle, hiking and bicycling. Posavje region has beautiful nature, and good train connections to capital city Ljubljana or Zagreb (Croatia).

KNOF place is located in the building of the towns swimming pool and there is also a bar  and cultural centre Platz, which organizes various cultural and entertainment events with the Student club Sevnica. In the past, our EVS volunteers used this place to make new contacts and friendships or find participants for their events. In Sevnica it is a small high school for hairdressing and carpentry.

Volunteers are expected to live in an appartment in Krško, town nearby Sevnica, where there are also other EVS volunteers working in the Youth centre Krško and Association Luksuz production.

The problems of the environment:

– Young people do not have specific experience, work experiences, although they are highly educated

– Emigration of young and educated in the study centers, leaving behind low educated workforce or those who have not completed their education

– High rates of suicide and apathy Source: Suicide in region of Posavje: “For 17% higher than the average”

– Distance from highway

– Manufacturing industry dominates, looking for low-educated workforce, low paid

– fragmentation, isolation of youth, cultural and other associations

Activities for the volunteer:

–        Entrepreneurial club at high school in Krško, in June and from October to December 2018, once a week: volunteer will get to know the curriculum of the club, will preapare for each week and will accompany the leader of the club, we will eventually try to give the volunteer some assignments inside the club, participation on the final event of the business club in June

–        Association Social economy Slovenia: volunteer will help in analysing the field of social economy in Slovenia and abroad, will also have independent assignments to analyse, talk, visit social companies in Slovenia

–        Project PORT – sustainable organisations from the region Posavje: if project approwed

–        Social incubator: help in shaping english translated website of organisation KNOF, writting blog, possibily making podcasts to publish on our website, individual organising of community events like Pecha kucha afternoon, Creative mornings, Business speed dating, writing reports of the important meetings with the major and publishing for the means of power for the change

–        Stara šola: individual organising of reuse workshops at Youth centre Sevnica, help at reuse centre Stara šola (simple work), help with the opening of the representantial reuse butique in Sevnica

–        Platz cultural centre & bar on the pool: help with organisation of cultural events, individual organisation of small events (cultural night, movie night, book night) for up to 10 people

–        Work on individual social business idea – that the volunteer can test or realise in the hostin organisation or at home in his country

–        Writting the idea journal and self evaluation, creating video/sound/photo journal (think how, which tool, prezi?)

–        Getting to know the project of partner organization Terravera that is searching for talents amongst the refugees in Slovenia with azil and opening a cooperative, giving ideas, helping to develop the project

–        Activites for promoting the EVS project and program – motivating young people, youth organisations in Sevnica to go on EVS in abroad

Possible courses, workshops organised for the volunteer (not jet confirmed):

–        Sewing course in City sewingshop in Krško

–        Pottery workshop at Bernhard pottery Krško

–        Photoshop course in graphic designing  – Miha Gračner

–        Entrepreneur course, weekly basis, methodology of Ustvarjalnik – daring grately, product development, business model canvas, prototying, pitching…

–        Sustainable living and building  – partner organisation Zavod Veles

–        Stikalnik Fabriation lab (in the making): makerspace, technical workshops on CNC, programing – we are now in a stage plan, gathering partners and mentors, finding space, buying machines

–        Zavod Magičnost ustvarjanja – meditation, spirituality

–        Slovene language course

If you are interested, get in touch with:


Example of weekly work assignments of volunteers:

9.00-12.00 Coordinator meeting,Help in social incubator Help in Stara šola reuse center Help in Platz Help with Association Social economy Slovenia Preparation for the entrepreneur club (as participant and helper) Every now and then: Visiting other social companies, other EVS volunteers (individual)
12.30-15.00 Help in social incubator Personal project time or workshop attending Help in Platz,  Slovene course Help with Association Social economy Slovenia Entrepreneur club at the high school or in Sevnica

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