How to travel cheap presentation at Trilhos da Terra

29 Jul , 2015   Gallery

“How to travel cheap” presentation at Trilhos da Terra was held yesterday. Our volunteer Wiola, experienced traveler and bloggerwanted to share her tips and ideas by making creative and entertaining talk. We were hosted in Trilhos da Terra and around 60 people were in the audience.

“Are you afraid that you don’t have money, ideas, time for traveling?”, was the first question that she asked to the 60 curious people that were last night in the public. Following, she showed us 25 slides that were inspiration for cheap traveling. Wiola mostly spoke about her personal experience, as a hitchhiker, couchsurfer and blogger. She shared some stories from Brasil, Turkey, Denmark and other countries that she visited, underlining how for her is always very much important to spend time with local people and not only to move around the touristic attractions. Among the other useful platforms that can make journeys more cheap, and even more fun, she showed us: Couchsurfing, a famous hospitality exchange network, explained how hitchhiking works in reality, mentioned Bla bla car, and also volunteering in hostels, working at the organic farms through WWOOF and doing housesitting. At the end Wiola spoke about EVS (European Voluntary Service) as a way to work and experience life in a foreign country.

The whole presentation about how to travel cheap you can see here

If you are curious about EVS, check out here how can you do it. We remind, everyone with less than 30 years can have this amazing experience!

Also, you can follow the adventures of our volunteer Wiola on her blog.

Photos: Tatjana Veselova

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