Hugs without Frontiers

13 Oct , 2017  

On September 27, the Free Hugs Squad was all over the city!

We started by visiting UA Sem Fronteiras, which was taking place in Cais da Fonte Nova. We found a spectacular environment, with very lively and fun people, who were very willing to hug us. Lots of you came to hug us and let yourselves be hugged by us, melting our hearts in the process. The power of our hugs was such that two guys picked up two of our posters and they went off to spread the love on their own!

When we felt our hugs had truly warmed up the area, we started walking towards the Rossio’s gardens. Strolling down near the ria canal (where a sailor on a moliceiro promised us a hug), and passing near the Fórum de Aveiro. We met grandchildren, grandparents, tourists and locals, people and puppies, none of which got by us without a sticker and a hug (or at least an attempted one!). Continuing our walk, we went to the moliceiro harbour to collect the hug that we were promised. We’ve never seen someone so happy to settle a debt!

Finally, we found ourselves at the University of Aveiro, where we came face-to-face with praxes. Knowing how hard praxe can be, we approached cautiously, wielding our trusty “free hugs” signs with all the courage. But, before we could do anything, we were surrounded by groups and groups of newly arrived aluviões, who embraced us from all sides. After that, we had to embrace the older students, that, despite making a bad face while trying to impose respect on the younger ones, hugged us, breaking out smile after smile, without much resistance!

At the end, with our arms aching but heart full, we returned to our headquarters where we promised to do it again. So, keep your eyes open. When you least expect, Aveiro might be attacked by our Free Hugs Squad again!

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