Human Library

10 May , 2015   Gallery

Human Library was our great event organised by our EVS volunteers. For them, this was the biggest challenge of their service so far.

Since the moment when the friend of us mentioned the idea of Human Library that was launched first in Denmark, then spread all over different countries, we knew that we have to make it in Aveiro. Human Library works as any other library – you browse book titles, choose one you want to read and then borrow it for certain amount of time. The only difference is that books are people with real stories and instead of reading the book you talk with the book! We found the idea entertaining and we saw educational potential in it.

It wasn’t easy to find our books. After long process of searching we built the library contained from:

Alexandre Almeida – he is a student who was diagnosed a disease that cause gradual lost of sight. Despite of his condition he’s involved in many activities goallball, sport for person with  visual deficiency. Between writing, sport, theater, studies and other academic activities, he seeks to get to know the world as much as he can.

Alireza Nazaritalooki – he is a 32 years old tourism student from north of Iran. “I’ve arrived to Europe 3 years ago. Sometimes people make jokes about Middle East and sometimes it’s not funny for me. I think the root of this is people not knowing each other”.

Fernando Capela – he is a 27 years old couchsurfer. He hosted around 40 people that he had never met before in her house, sharing with them everything.

Gracinda Ferreira – she applied to be one of the first humans to arrive and live on the planet Mars.

Hugo Silva – a vegan.

Mohamed Kamara – he is 20 years old and he comes from Liberia, country in Africa that had 14 years of civil war.

The event went very well and we are proud to say that it was our big success as a team. Her are some photos from the event. Also we prepared a brochure that describes Human Library in Aveiro. You can see it here.

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