In case of love at first sight

14 Feb , 2017  

While some were still debating if love, at first sight, is a real thing, we jumped over that conversation and got straight into action. Those who walked around Aveiro on the 14th of February could find a new emergency system. Our volunteers woke up at 5 in the morning to spread 60 red boxes instructing people to break the glass in case of a very special emergency. While they are usually made to use in case of a fire, these boxes were made to help with a different kind of flame. Those who followed the instruction “Break the glass in case of love at first sight” found a red rose inside. Be it to mark the start of a new romance, the appreciation of an older one, or the importance of friendship, the roses, quickly found new homes and warmed the hearts of the citizens of Aveiro.

This is another Agora Aveiro project that grew from our love for this city and its people and the will to give without the expectation of receiving back.

This project was made possible by Inpire, Florista Girassol and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude.

Associação para a promoção da cidadania ativa