Inês is going for an EVS in Slovenia

10 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Our volunteer Inês is going for an EVS in Slovenia. Does EVS stand for Exciting Vacation in Slovenia? Is Youthpass your ticket to travel to Slovenia for free? What is the most important thing to do during your EVS? Do you need to follow every instruction and carry every task as you were told? Or do you need to be proactive and put your own ideas into practice?

These and many more questions were asked Inês, who is going to do her European Voluntary Service in Kostanjevica na Krki, a small village in Slovenia. She will acquire competencies on sustainable development, local food supply, conscious consuming, skill sharing and active citizenship. She will also learn about organic farming, beekeeping, healthy lifestyle, with our partner organisation,  Terra Vera.

Agora Aveiro is the sending organisation, this means that it’s our responsibility to prepare the volunteers before going for an EVS. We asked Inês about her expectations, dispelled her doubts and answered all her questions. At the end, our friend Kristina from Slovenia, who is doing her EVS in Portugal, came and made a presentation about her country specifically for Inês.

It’s very important for each and every EVS volunteer to take part in the Pre-departure Training. This way they have an idea of what to expect when they arrive at a foreign country.

Inês promised she will keep a blog about her EVS experience, which you can check here.

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