“Café Suspenso” has new homes

28 Nov , 2017  

Thanks to “Geração Z” and our fantastic volunteers, you will be able to leave a suspended coffee in 6 new places. Espaço Criativo Biscoito, Coffee-Break, Grão de Café, Nós Trás-Os-MOntes, Pastelaria Máxima, and Vegifrut (this one offering more than just coffee), are now part of the “Café Suspenso” family.

Café Suspenso” is the advanced purchase of a cup of coffee for someone else. Acquiring two coffees but receiving and consuming only one, as the other remains suspended, for someone else to enjoy free of charge. This project shows how one small, everyday matter can be transformed into an act of kindness.

Two volunteers spent a whole month working on growing “Café Suspenso”. While doing this, they learned about project and time management, leadership and teamwork, effective communication and pitching, guerrilla marketing, creativity, and content creation.

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