On arrival Training for EVS volunteers

19 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Last week, in Braga, there was an “On Arrival Training” for EVS volunteers. So, that’s where our four volunteers were.

Every EVS volunteer has to take part in this training organised by the Portuguese National Agency. It’s a set of workshops, where new volunteers train their soft skills, learn about their rights and responsibilities, and Youthpass. They also have the chance to meet other volunteers who are working in different countries and exchange experiences. Tanja, Jasna, Wiola and Tea were in Braga to take part in a four-day long training.

Apart from “On Arrival Training”, all EVS volunteers have to take part in a “Mid-term Training”, that our volunteers are expected to do in June. As part of EVS cycle, there should also be a “Pre-departure Training” organised by the volunteers’ sending organisation, in their country of origin.

We would like to remind you that if you are under 30 years old, you can do European voluntary Service, from 2 weeks to 12 months, in over 50 countries. An EVS volunteer as the chance to live and work abroad, and make a lot of new friends. All with accommodation, transportation, housing, insurance and meals paid for, and pocket money. If you are interested, check our website’s section about EVS.

The beautiful photos of the city of Braga are from Tatjana Aleksandrovna Veselova:

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