Café Suspenso in Aveiro

Agora Aveiro’s EVS volunteers came in July, 2016, and have, since then, been “doing something nice” in Aveiro. Between Summer Skills Lab, I♥Aveiro and Language Exchange Meetings, our volunteers have been busy implementing a project called Café Suspenso.

Café Suspenso is the advanced purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who cannot afford it. Acquiring two coffees but receiving and consuming only one, as the other remains suspended, for someone else to enjoy, free of charge. We developed this project with support of IPDJ – Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth.

Local and EVS volunteers of Agora Aveiro started discussing the idea in late August. By September the project had its visual identity and main development ideas. Café Suspenso was headed towards our cafés! Our volunteers were on a quest to find as many cafés/bars/restaurants that would accept the idea of Café Suspenso as possible. The response from the local cafés was great from the start. Most of the owners gladly accepted the idea and wanted to help us develop the spirit of kindness.

We created promo materials, cards (which represent coffee itself in the cafés) and boxes for the cafés. With help from our volunteers, local cafés implemented the idea and, together, we are building it up and spreading it throughout the city.

The project has been implemented in:

Hopefully, more and more will do the same.

Café Suspenso is a project meant to last long. Longer than the others. It’s dedicated to the local community, bringing together organizations, the private sector (bars/cafés) and citizens. This projects shows how one small, everyday matter can be transformed into an act of kindness.

Watch our video about the project here.