EVS in Agora Aveiro

So far, Agora Aveiro has hosted three European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects:

DO STH NICE: “Discover Opportunities, Seize the Hour, Never Ignore Creative Energy” (2016)
YALA: Your Active Life in Aveiro (2015)
To Aveiro, with Love (2014)

We were a coordinating organisation for all of these projects.

To Aveiro with Love

This EVS lasted for six months and involved three volunteers, Tiphaine, Jimmy, and Sosna, from two EU countries, Poland and France.
The volunteers got to help during our local activities and international projects. As well as, propose and develop their own ideas and projects, with as much of our support as needed.
Much like our NGO, this project aims to promote active citizenship, in many different ways. We raise awareness to the importance of cultural diversity and the opportunities available to those living in the EU. We encourage active participation and empower local youth to become entrepreneurs.
The volunteers were supporting and developing the following Agora Aveiro’s projects:
Workshops about natural cosmetics, vertical gardens, composting. “Generations in gardens”, for which they also organized a photography exhibit. Production and post-production of TEDxAveiro and TEDxYouth@Aveiro‘s talk videos. Filmed and produced the video ‘Aveiro is also happy’. AMAP in Aveiro, a project that connects local organic food producers and customers interested in buying it directly from them. They also took part in some of the initiatives of the the city hall, the ecological farm of Moita, our partners.

YALA: Your Active Life in Aveiro

We welcomed Wiola, Tanja, Tea and Jasna, from Poland, Croatia, and Latvia. They assisted us on scheduled and ongoing activities, such as workshops and guerrilla actions (project Valentino, clothes giveaway). As well as, proposed and managed their own ideas and projects to bring forth projects like the Human Library.
These volunteers also joined the crew of TEDx Aveiro to help organise the annual TEDx conference. At the end of June, they helped organise the second edition of our youth exchange WAVE. They were also responsible for our website’s new image and advertisement of EVS activities.


This project was split in two different termed EVS activities. For the short term, Dragan from Bosnia, Jovana from Serbia and Tibor from Hungary, stayed with us from July to August. Marko from Serbia, Beatrice from Romania and Katrina from Latvia, stayed from July to November.

Our short term volunteers supported the Skills Lab Free Workshops, a month-long session of daily workshops about topics such as travelling, and personal and professional growth. Long term volunteers were involved in the re-painting of the famous I Love Aveiro stairs, started a project by the same name, and launched the Language Exchange Meetings and Suspended Coffee movement. During the Human Library event, they talk about their experience with EVS and promoted the program.

You can find some testimonials about the program here
All EVS projects were funded by Erasmus+ program.