We organise workshops with diverse themes. We’ve had workshops on origami, recycling, creative writing, knitting, dancing, acting, foreign languages, and vertical gardens.

During July and August 2016, we organized Skills Lab, a set of 30 workshops conducted by EVS volunteers and other talented people. During Skills Lab, we had several workshops dedicated to travelling, something we are all passionate about. The workshops took place both indoors and outdoors.

Some of these included:

– “How to travel cheaply
– “Travel writing”
– “Creative cartography”
– “In coexistence with plants”
– “What we learn while travelling”
– “Mapping Aveiro, through the streets of Aveiro”
– “Why we travel”

If you have a specific skill or would like to share your knowledge about something, you can make your own workshop with Agora Aveiro. Write us an e-mail ( with the idea and some details.