Rita is going to Iceland!

29 Apr , 2015   Gallery

Our friend Rita is going to Iceland! She is about to start her six months EVS (European voluntary service) adventure on this beautiful island and we prepared her a pre-departure training.

She will be leading different camps for youngsters all over the country. On her pre-departure training we bumped her with amazing photos of Icelandic waterfalls, recommended good places to visit and interesting food to try. It’s gonna be wonderful summer for her. What is more important, we prepared her for culture shock by talking about habits of Icelandic people and teaching few words in Icelandic.

Rita passed our test about EVS and wrote letter to Future Her, which we are going to send to her in two months and four months. We spoke about her fears and hopes, and now let’s see how is her EVS going to look like.

Will her expectation about EVS fulfil, we don’t know, but Rita will write a blog and share some experience from her Icelandic life with us. On the blog  she will write about her leisure and work time, and generally about Icelandic culture that is not that known around Europe. She loves photography so we hope she will share with us some amazing photos of the nature of Iceland.

Rita is doing her EVS in SEEDS organisation in Iceland. If you would like to do EVS service, the only condition is that you are not older than 30. See here more information.

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