Seed Bombs – The explosion that creates life

20 Mar , 2017  

In order to celebrate the arrival of spring, on the 20th of March, volunteers from Agora Aveiro walked around Aveiro and handed nearly 200 small envelopes containing seed bombs. The warning was given to those who received them that when these “explode” they can cause smiles and leave traces in shades of green. The seed bomb concept, clay spheres with seeds inside, has undergone an adaptation. The clay spheres were transformed into hearts made out of papier mâché, with a mixture of seeds inside, ready to plant.

This initiative is on par with the “Guerrilla Gardening” spirit, where the environmental awareness and motivation to increase green spaces in cities are the weapons. This was the first part of the project “Aveiro + Verde – 2017″, developed by the organisation in an earlier edition. The second part will take place on June 5th, World Environment Day, where, once again, the volunteers from Agora Aveiro will declare war on the city’s’ grey monotony. Until then, they look forward to the “blast” from those numerous green hearts.

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