Sowing the future

26 Dec , 2017  

While preparing the 4th edition of “Biologia a Plantar o Futuro”, the Parents Association of Schools of Aveiro proposed us an unexpected challenge! Agora Aveiro was invited to develop an activity targeted at the children of the Santiago Scholar Center. 

We accepted the challenge and decided to make “seed bombs” – little balls of clay and substrate containing seeds inside which, when thrown to the soil, explode in a colourful mantle of life. We challenged Argex as well, an expanded clay production company with headquarters in Aveiro, which promptly shown availability to help us. With the precious help of the “Guardians of Nature”, we went to the Centro Escolar de Santiago where we met with 3rd and 4th grade classes, on a total of over 100 children willing to get their hands dirty. 

Santiago Scholar Center’s children, having noticed the devastation caused by the fires, received this activity as a way to do something for the conservation of forests and nature. Initiatives like this share the spirit of “Guerrilla Gardening” movements, which aim to promote environmental education and consciousness. 

Besides the dozens of “seed bombs”, we planted smiles and laughter also and left with our hands dirty and a big will to help nature. 

Associação para a promoção da cidadania ativa