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Study visit in Brussels, May 2015: Enterprising!

16 Jun , 2015   Gallery

Two volunteers of Agora Aveiro, Claudia and Valda, participated in a Study visit in Brussels that was hosted by our partner Out of the Box International. This activity was a part of the project “Enterprising”, developed by Agora Aveiro and supported by Erasmus+ program.

As for objectives of Enterprising! project, we wanted our volunteers to learn and practice the entrepreneurial skill set, acquiring knowledge and experiences. We found this important when preparing the project application because in Portugal and, especially in the town of Aveiro, we see inequality when it comes to social and financial background, education, employment, opportunities of young people, that starts already from elementary school.
This project gave the chance to the staff of Agora Aveiro to make the first steps – explore and learn entrepreneurial skills, techniques and methodology of operating a social enterprise and learn new ways of promoting it to young people in Portugal and also, as a follow up, organise a youth exchange around this topic.
Partner located in Brussels – Out of the Box International are experienced in designing innovative social projects to respond to the persistent social and economic challenges in order to empower people’s potential and facilitate their active engagement in society.
This project was supported by Erasmus+ program, and all the expenses of participation were covered for our participants. Here is what one of them, Claudia, says about it:

“In my point of view, this project was very important for me to clarify my idea about Europe, about the role of the different countries in the general context of European policies and most of all to clarify my position about my ideas for the Portuguese role in its own policies, economies and society. It really gave me a big input of new ideas for actions and projects that I want to execute in a national scale for the development of my country. It also allowed me to understand the problems that everybody in Europe is dealing with and that make me feel that a lot of organisations are focusing on the right questions but somehow also make me think that the action has to be in small scales, taking care of the little contexts of the society to make things change for the real life of the real people of each city/neighborhood/country and so on.”

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