Video of DO STH NICE EVS project is online

22 Dec , 2016   Video

Video of DO STH NICE EVS project is online! Check it out and see how our EVS volunteers spent their 4 months in Aveiro.

DO SHT NICE: “Discover Opportunities, Seize The Hour & Never Ignore Creative Energy” was an EVS project that took place in Aveiro in summer of 2016. We hosted 6 volunteers from 5 countries: Tibor from Hungary, Jovana and Marko from Serbia, Dragan from Bosnia, Beatrice from Romania and Katrina from Latvia. Their service lasted 1-4 months, during which they were included in regular activities of Agoraveiro, as well as in some particular activities developed for this project. Volunteers were also encouraged to develop their own ideas and turn them into action and they talk about some of them in this video.

The main objectives of this project were providing learning space and opportunities for our EVS volunteers but also for local volunteers and local community in general; helping in building more active and inclusive local community; strengthening the structure and management skills of staff of Agoraveiro. As expected, project made an impact on several actors: EVS volunteers had the opportunity to gain new or improve their existing skills and competences while investing their time, energy and creativity into developing all mentioned activities. Also, they benefited from living in a culture different from theirs, learning language, meeting new people and sharing their experiences. It’s important to mention that volunteers were encouraged and regularly reminded to reflect on what they’ve learned, to become aware of their personal and professional growth. Since almost all the activities were dedicated to local community, there was also a big impact on local people.

We would like to remind you that everyone with less than 30 years can do EVS. If you are interested, get in touch with us and we will help you. In the meantime, see the video, read more here and get inspired 🙂

This project was financed by Erasmus+ program


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