Visiting Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo

25 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Our EVS volunteer Tanja went to Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo to photograph a promotional TEDxAveiro event. The event was organised by some of our volunteers, and Sofia and Ângelo. Sofia and Ângelo are animators part of the technical staff of the retirement home. They have been doing amazing and entertaining activities with these elderly ladies and gentlemen. They play, sing and dance together. They show that retirement can be a time to have fun. Have we mentioned the resident dog? Vadio makes anyone’s day more cheerful. They document their adventures on their facebook page, so make sure you check that out.

Sofia and Ângelo are speakers at TEDxAveiro, which Agora Aveiro is co-organising. They are two great examples of how to do a job with passion.

Our volunteer Tanja visited them and took photos of a promotional activity of TEDxAveiro, where OMA (Oficina de Música de Aveiro) also was present. Although she was there as a photographer, they managed to convince her to sing them a song in Russian! Tanja hates singing, but she just couldn’t say “no” to them.

If you are wondering how these elderly spend their days at Centro Comunitário da Gafanha do Carmo, well, sometimes they recreate a Miley Cyrus’ music video.

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