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What is EVS? Presentation at Casa da Juventude

22 Jun , 2015   Gallery

What is European voluntary service (EVS)? How to go for an EVS? Is it possible to survive with the pocket money of an EVS volunteer?  These and other question were answered by our volunteers last Saturday at Casa da Juventude.

Jasna (Croatia), Tanja (Latvia), Wiola (Poland) and Tea (Croatia), our four EVS volunteers, were speaking about their experience with European Voluntary Service and their service in Agora Aveiro. The presentation was held at Casa da Juventude. We gave away our mini guides about EVS trying to encourage all the people who came to think about EVS as an opportunity for personal growth. Our friend Carla, who did a short term EVS in Finland joined this conversation and shared her stories.

Are you curious? See the EVS section of our website! If you would like to live abroad and be an EVS volunteer, Agora Aveiro can be your sending organisation and help you find an opportunity for you. Remember: everyone less than 30 years old can do an EVS service.

Why should you do an EVS? This service is a great opportunity for both personal and professional improvement of a person. Volunteers get to develop their competences, gain new knowledge, live away from their house and meet lots of new friends. They practice their English, learn new language and many other things.

While doing an EVS, a volunteer has his accommodation paid and receives pocket and food money. Besides, a return flight is also guaranteed, as long as if it is within the budget established by Erasmus+ program. Each volunteer has an insurance that covers 100% of medical expenses. Also, volunteers have classes of the language of their new country.

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