Helder Berenguer

But what is Agora Aveiro?

We are dreams and ideas, we are the will to act, to change. We are smiles, we are Agora Aveiro!

Who is Agora Aveiro?

Agora Aveiro is an association that, in 2010, arose from the urge to “make happen”. From the will to join our efforts and skills to change the community and the world around us.

With us, you find the conditions to develop the ideas that mean something to you. The ideas and projects that contribute to society and have the potential to transform what surrounds you. We create spaces where you can share ideas and opinions, and we encourage the development of a critical, proactive and constructive attitude.

Do you want to join us? There are a few moments throughout the year when you can do so. Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for the next recruitment session.


Get to know the departments that give structure to Agora Aveiro and discover how each of them contributes to our mission.

Communications and Marketing

Responsible for Agora Aveiro's identity and positioning in the social and business network. It's responsible for communication on physical and digital platforms of the association's projects, campaigns and events.

External Relations

It's in charge of communicating with companies, organizations and partner entities. It's up to its members, gifted with remarkable confidence, to establish partnerships, optimising the project's reach and impacts.

Financial Management and Secretarial Work

It's in charge of budgeting and control of Agora Aveiro's project's costs. Known for its accuracy and organization, its also responsible for the creation and submission of applications to local, national and international funding programs.

Human Resources and Assets

It's responsible for the recruitment, selection, motivation and training of Agora Aveiro's highest value, its members. It's also responsible for the management and optimization of the association's equipment and supplies.

Our Team

The people behind Agora Aveiro. Those who make change happen!


André Costa


Liane Carvalho


Francisco Santos


Jéssica Jacinto


Mariana Martins


General Assembly

Alexandra Ataíde


Catarina Gomes


João Pinho


Fiscal Council

João Neves


Ana Santos


Sandra Oliveira


Project Managers

Helder Berenguer

Nataša Gološin


Adriana Pisco

Alina Savciuc

Ana Filipa

Ana Mendes

Ana Rodrigues

Ana Oliveira

Beatriz Meneses

Beatriz Ribeiro

Beatriz Santos

Beshir Akinci

Cátia Lima

Cátia Sofia

César Sousa

Débora Sousa

Diana Salvador

Henrique Ferreira

Jéni Soares

Jéssica Silva

Joana Lopes

João Antunes

João Simões

Joel Cardoso

Joel Pereira

Liliana Macedo

Luana Tomás

Maria Bessa

Mariana Almeida

Nuno Afonso

Nuno Brízida

Paulo Vigário

Susana Gomes

Valentina Idini


Read the opinion of who knows!

Ana Mendes

In Agora Aveiro, I found what I was looking for for quite some time: a group of creative people, open to all kind of ideas and wholly willing to change the world. Getting involved with the process of “I have an idea” and ending up with something bigger that makes a difference, even if only for a day, is one of the best feelings in the world.

César Sousa

I joined Agora Aveiro at random. I had founded an association and been part of another as a university student. Now I see myself participating in out of the box projects, with impact and meaning. A year later, I realize that I got out of the box as well and learnt a lot from the teamwork and interaction with people very different from me.

Helder Berenguer

I joined Agora Aveiro because it's a group where change is welcomed and expected, where we are challenged to do more and better. A group that, with an enormous team spirit and the incredible ability to get out of tight situations, can turn small big ideas into fantastic projects. Projects made out of small actions that can really change the world.

João Pinho

I joined Agora Aveiro with that itch of wanting to pull a loose thread in the world. I didn't have a specific goal, I just wanted to see some impact in the world that was created by me. In less than a year, I joined half a dozen interesting projects, had the opportunity to meet amazing people from different realities, and to wake up at 5:00 am to go play with ropes. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Rita Rebola

I have always enjoyed volunteering, seeing the positive outcome that simple actions can have in people's lives is something really gratifying. In less than a year, I got involved in several incredible projects in Agora Aveiro and, without noticing, I had developed various skills regarding communication, teamwork, planning and creativity. In Agora Aveiro, I had the opportunity to meet amazing people with different points of view. Summing it up, an experience that made me grow and smile.