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Support Agora Aveiro and help change the world around you.

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How to support Agora Aveiro?

Agora Aveiro is a non-profit youth association. All donations received are invested in the association's social mission, helping us to develop our projects and reach more people!

You can contribute to Agora Aveiro in several ways: by joining the association as a member, becoming a member, participating in activities developed by us, buying one of our products or contributing with a donation. You can also help by promoting what we do through social media or a simple “spread the word”.

Join us

Become an affiliate of Agora Aveiro! It does not have any costs. You can also join our team of volunteer members.

Spread the word

Help us reach as many people as possible! Share our work on social media. Pass the word on to your friends and family.

Our products

Visit one of our partner establishments and buy one of our products. They are useful, cute and environmentally friendly.

Make a donation

You can make a monetary or in-kind donation. Receipts of monetary donations are tax deductible.


Monetary donations can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal. If you would like a receipt for your donation*, send us the proof and data to be included in the receipt to

We also accept in-kind donations. For this purpose, contact us through the contact form or via the e-mail

* Receipts of monetary donations can be tax deductible in some countries. Consult your country’s legislation for more information.