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A once in a lifetime opportunity

You can spend up to a year abroad doing what really matters to you. Oh, with all expenses covered.

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What is Erasmus+?

The activities developed under the Erasmus+ programme give you the opportunity to travel to a foreign country and have unique volunteering experiences. It allows you to be part of an ever-growing group of people who are dedicated to contributing to a fairer and more inclusive society.

The volunteering projects can involve various types of activities in fields like art, cultural heritage, leisure, sport, social intervention, protection and environmental education and sustainability.


International volunteers


National volunteers


International projects



European Solidarity Corps

The “European Solidarity Corps” (ESC) is the European Commission initiative targeted at young people. The ESC allows you to volunteer or work on projects, in your own country or abroad, benefitting people and communities from around Europe. The participation doesn't have costs associated and your project can last between two weeks and twelve months, taking place, generally, in the EU countries. You only need to be between 18* and 30 years old and be registered on the European Solidarity Corps' Platform.

If you're familiarised with the “European Voluntary Service” (SVE), we can say that this program is its successor.


EU or partner country


2 weeks to 12 months


Between 18* and 30 years

* You can register for the European Solidarity Corps when you are 17 years old, but you cannot start a project until you are over 18.

What rights do you have?

Participation in the European Solidarity Corps doesn't have associated costs. What does that mean? All your expenses: travel, accommodation, food, health insurance, local transport and language classes are financed. You also receive pocket money for your daily needs.




Pocket Money

How can you apply?

Register on the European Solidarity Corps. After doing so, you get integrated into the platform's database. Afterwards, you can be selected by an organization and invited to join a project. If an organization contacts you and offers you a place in a project, you are not required to accept the proposal: the decision to participate or not in a project is exclusively yours.

With this programme, you can and should be proactive. Instead of waiting for an organization to contact you, you can search (by country or occupation) for an organization that you like and get in touch with them. Usually, you will be required to send your resume and a cover letter.

When you're choosing the hosting organization, two things may happen:

– They already have an approved project with an open position for a young Portuguese. This means that there's already a partner organization in Portugal that is responsible for sending volunteers and that the project will begin soon - sometimes in a matter of weeks or days.

– They can accept your application and write a project proposal specifically for you. The advantage is that the project might be more adequate for you and you might eventually collaborate on its creation. However, you will have to wait for the project to be approved. In this case, it can take 2 to 3 months until the projects begin. If you're making plans for the future, this is a good option. In this case, you will also need a “support organization” from your country. Agora Aveiro has the European Solidarity Corps' official quality seal and can assume this role. Talk to us.


If you have already participated in a long-duration project under the European Voluntary Service, you can no longer participate in the European Solidarity Corps programme

Youth Exchange

The “Youth Exchange” gives you the opportunity to meet young people from different countries, to live with them for some time and work on the same projects. These exchanges take place outside of the school context. You can participate in activities such as seminars, exercises, debates, simulation games, outdoor activities, and much more.

The acquired experience during the exchange is also recognized through a Youthpass certificate.


EU or partner country


Usually 5 to 21 days


Between 17 and 30* years

* The age limit is 50 years old if you're the “team leader”.

How can you apply?

Erasmus+ refunds travel expenses as well as costs related to the activities. To participate in a Youth Exchange, you need to be aware of the opportunities promoted by organizations. Agora Aveiro, as well as various organizations in the European Union, openings all year around. Pay attention to our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Youth Workers’ Training And Networking

This activity supports the professional development of youth workers through training or networking periods abroad such as transnationals/internationals seminars, training courses, networking events, study visits, etc., or job shadowing in an active youth organization abroad. The participation of youth workers in such activities contributes to the skill building of their organization. The learning outcomes should be announced.


EU or partner country


2 days to 2 months


No age limit

How can you apply?

Erasmus+ finances travel costs as well as costs related to the activities. To participate in a networking event or training course, you need to be aware of the opportunities promoted by the organizations. Agora Aveiro, as well as various organizations in the European Union, openings all year around. Pay attention to our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Agora Aveiro around the world

You don't know where you can volunteer internationally? We have gathered on this map all the countries to which we have sent and from which we receive volunteers under the Erasmus+ program. Don't miss this opportunity!


Read the opinion of who knows!

Liliana Macedo

Having the opportunity to take part in Erasmus+ made me break many barriers. From the bonds one creates to the ideas that come to life, whether it is an Youth Exchange or a Training Course, the knowledge you gain is priceless. It’s like you’re living one year in the time of a few weeks. It made me realize that we all have something to give and share, as well as that I’m capable of overcoming my insecurities. In experiences like these we are all on the same page, we’re all exploring and there’s no room for fears.

Beatriz Lopes

I am a person who enjoys the unknown and taking risks. When the opportunity to participate in a Training Course in Italy arose, I didn't hesitate. In just one week, it felt like I lived experiences of an entire month. It was an intense adventure that afforded me many valuable lessons and undoubtedly unforgettable memories. It's an experience I couldn't recommend more!

Marisa Murtinha

It was with Agora Aveiro that I found out about Erasmus+ and, since then, I participated in various projects. Yes, various! After the first one, nobody could stop me. Every experience was unique and filled with new memories. These projects are propitious to constant and effortless learning and sharing of knowledge and experience between people from all corners of Europe. They are experiences that I vividly recommend to anyone who has a week off and a handful of adventure spirit!

Nuno Afonso

Agora Aveiro opened many doors for me and one of them took me directly to Slovakia where I spent two of the best weeks ever. Besides the strong moments of introspection and contact with nature, I had the opportunity to create bonds of friendship that are sure to last. For someone like me, afraid of taking a risk, it was a big step and now that I look back I would do it all again, without fear, without hesitation.

Calina Porto

Sometimes it’s when a person is looking for little windows that, unexpectedly, big doors open! It was while I was on one of these searches that Agora Aveiro opened a door for me: it gave me the opportunity to participate in a Training Course and, not only learn through different methodologies, but also to share knowledge and make new connections. A door that allowed me to experience different things, together with people of different nationalities and cultures of Europe!