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Associação BioLiving

The nature is of everyone and for everyone

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BioLiving is a non-profit association, whose motto is “Nature and Education for All”. Its main objectives are:​

  • Promotion of sustainability;
  • Encouraging environmental citizenship and public participation in the defense of natural values;
  • Boosting the social economy;
  • Promoting inclusion, peace and solidarity, using education, natural resources and nature protection as their trigger;
  • Providing monitoring and scientific consultancy in the fields of forest, biodiversity and environmental education;

In short, BioLiving aims to demonstrate that nature belongs to everyone and to all.

Despite the practical actions of nature conservation and habitat restoration being a central component of their work, in BioLiving they believe that it is necessary to educate and train communities for sustainability and citizenship, both through moments of non-formal learning and through technical and scientific training in the field of nature protection and biodiversity.

We spoke with Sofia Jervis from BioLiving who explained to us that the main challenges that the association faces are tied into how difficult it is for an organization to survive in Portugal due to how limited the support available is and to the fact fact that the environment is still not considered a top priority in Portugal.

There are many ways for the local community to get involved and help Bioliving in their mission, Sofia explains:

Besides volunteers on the field, we also need volunteers to help with the events, with administrative work, and design. These tasks are mostly done by volunteers who spend more time with us - they have different types of responsibility. It is difficult to guarantee human resources also for marketing activities and they are important. It is not enough to have a website, we have to maintain it and there we need IT support.

Those interested can contact Bioliving via email, Instagram or Facebook. They should send their CV and tell them in which area they could help.

The final message Sofia leaves for our local community, and hopefully, future volunteers, is:

Get up from your sofa and do something. Being an active and involved citizen, taking part in associations and doing other types of activities besides studying and leisure, is important. You need to get involved, be part of it, try it, you can choose and go to an environmental or social organization, work with children, the elderly, whatever, but being involved and getting to know the world that way makes a big difference!

This publication is part of the "Solidarity Map of Aveiro". This project aims to give visibility to the different institutions that work tirelessly on social causes in Aveiro and to promote solidarity and volunteering in the community. It includes 10 organisations and the significant projects they are developing and implementing. This project is funded by the European Commission's European Solidarity Corps programme.

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