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When the anxiety knocks at our door...

To mark the Mental Health Day, the Agora Aveiro’s volunteers received a workshop on Anxiety Management given by Psychologist Doctor Sofia Andrade

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Since 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health has established the World Mental Health Day. They aim, to this day, to promote increased public knowledge about mental health. In a world where problems such as anxiety, depression and other mental problems are increasingly natural, it becomes necessary to talk about this topic and the importance of its treatment. 

So, today, October 10th, as a way to mark this day, Agora Aveiro decided to do it not with a project, but with the capacitation of our team on one of the most common themes in mental health - anxiety.

“I can’t do it”, “I’ll get hurt”, What if…?”, “It will go wrong”... Have you heard of these expressions anywhere? These kinds of thoughts have probably crossed the minds of most of us, if not all of us, when we’re feeling more anxious. Most of the time, it is triggered by fear - of getting hurt, of making a mistake, of letting down someone important to us. Unfortunately, we can’t always identify the source of our anxieties, but before things get worse, we must never forget that we can always seek out those who can help us. 

The last year and a half have been the period when anxiety has been most talked about. It is present in our lives, our routines. However, if for some it is a companion we get used to dealing with… For others, it becomes disabling to the point where we need professional help.

The pandemic had given more power to Anxiety, so we were very happy when the Psychologist Sofia Andrade accepted our invitation to share with our team her knowledge and practices to better deal with this obstacle. The workshop ended with our happy volunteers, ready to fight their mental demons, certain that one day soon they will also be able to help someone in the same situation.

However, never forget: sometimes, all we need to calm down is a strong, heartfelt hug that makes us keep our feet on the ground and gives us the strength to fight against whatever afflicts us. 

To learn more about the fantastic work of Doctor Sofia Andrade, you can visit her website or Facebook Page.

Ana Sofia Mendes