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Centro Social e Paroquial de Angeja

Contributing to well-being

The mission of the Social and Parish Center of Angeja is to contribute to the well-being of its users, through a set of quality services. They promote social development through an intervention focused on social problems in the municipality, supporting the community/vulnerable audiences, and reducing inequalities.

The Institution gives responses to different social challenges, namely, the Home Support Service, Day care center and Social Center, aimed at elderly people with various vulnerabilities that affect their well-being, quality of life and autonomy. They support clients' daily activities, namely, food, personal and home hygiene, and clothing treatment. It provides recreational and socio-cultural activities. It supports 70 people and their families.

When it comes to children, the institution provides conditions for an integral and harmonious development, through the Free Time Activities Center, with 20 children, in which it develops playful pedagogical activities and support for study. It seeks to promote social change, supporting children and young people in the municipality's Roma communities, promoting their social inclusion and reducing social inequalities.

Filipa Almeida, from CSP Angeja, spoke to us mainly about the project Olá Ritmos of this institution. Currently, they have around 270 participants, among which, around 63 direct and 204 indirect participants. Direct participants are understood to be the project's priority audience, namely, Roma children and youth. Indirect participants are family members and the community in general.

We believe that all activities, at any given time, had some impact on our participants. In this sense, we highlight the development of personal and social skills, from the Ludic-pedagogical Atelier; support to families through Family Intervention; support for the study; the development of digital skills, which includes the Computer Workshop, the ICT Initiation Course and the Audiovisual and Photography Workshop; intercultural dialogue, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between both communities (majority and minority). Here I would like to underline the Knowledge Workshop, the importance of cultural diversity, Music and Dance Workshop; and, finally, raising awareness about the rights and duties of citizenship, fostering social inclusion and motivation for social participation, where the Awareness Raising Actions for Participation and Citizenship stand out. In addition to these activities, the project activity plan is also based on other activities, namely, the “Olá_Ritmos” Club, the Workshops with Educational Agents, the School Radio Club Rádio Escolar and the Student Association.

The main need is connected to the lack of human resources, taking into account that they have many participants and activities. Furthermore, the lack of material resources, particularly in terms of transport, is also one of the difficulties we face. This need is due to the fact that they intervene in a large area of ​​the municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha, as their participants live spread over several parishes, with a significant distance between them. However, in order to combat this difficulty, there is a reinforcement of the support of our promoter and manager, the CSP of Angeja.
The dissemination of the project is in fact another of the difficulties felt by the team, which is due to the characteristics of the public with which they intervene, as they are still very much marginalized by society in general. In order to combat this difficulty, we emphasize activities that promote intercultural dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and experiences between both communities, majority and minority.

If we had to summarize what working on this project is in a few words, without a doubt it would be dedication, adaptation, learning and versatility. The dynamism, continuous learning with our participants and the dedication, affection, attachment and care we feel for them are keywords that characterize our daily life. We can say that each day is different from the previous one, and that we are constantly put to a test. Intercultural dialogue, the deconstruction of myths associated with ethnic minorities, and social inclusion are the main points of our project. Thus, the active participation of the community in general is one of the points to improve in future projects.

CSP Angeja accepts volunteers. Anyone can join. For more information, get in touch with the institution via email.

This publication is part of the "Solidarity Map of Aveiro". This project aims to give visibility to the different institutions that work tirelessly on social causes in Aveiro and to promote solidarity and volunteering in the community. It includes 10 organisations and the significant projects they are developing and implementing. This project is funded by the European Commission's European Solidarity Corps programme.

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