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80 kg of trash that no longer pollutes the Ria de Aveiro

Last Saturday, 9th October, Agora Aveiro and BioRia Estarreja carried out a clean up activity on the banks of Ria de Aveiro, in Veiros

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© Helder Berenguer

It is estimated that 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year. Since last year, with the beginning of the pandemic, these numbers have been increasing. There are thousands of masks and gloves that, improperly discarded, end up in the sea, contributing to an already complex situation. Pollution continues to be a major problem in the world with marine pollution increasing with each passing year. No city can escape this threat and Aveiro is no exception. It is important to keep the place where we live clean, healthy, so we can enjoy it every day and receive their happiness in return. Even with fines for those who dispose of rubbish in public spaces, in most cases, a change of attitude on the part of the community is still not visible…

Therefore, it becomes necessary to intervene and promote this change. This is where Agora Aveiro comes in, with the project “CleanUp Aveiro”! After collecting 65 kg of rubbish on Costa Nova and Vagueira beaches on the 8th of May, we decided it was time to leave another emblematic place in Aveiro cleaner: the Ria de Aveiro.

For that, on the morning of 9th October, we joined BioRia Estarreja, rolled up our sleeves and put on our gloves and wellies. The second action of the project CleanUp Aveiro took place, a waste collection in Ribeira Nova, Veiros. In 3 hours, 80 kg of trash was collected, including various types of packaging and plastics, glass bottles, socks, gloves, fabrics, cigarette butts, as well as (have a look at this) a television and a tyre. This trash was duly separated at the time of the action and has already been collected by employees of the EcoCentro of the  Municipality of Estarreja, where it will be given the appropriate treatment.

However, this project is still far from over. Unfortunately, one action is not enough to get rid of all the trash and there is still a lot to do. We try to raise people’s awareness through these activities so that they don’t just watch boats pass by and do their part in preserving the environment. Very soon, our “Patrulha da Limpeza” (CleanUp Squad) will be out on the streets again and they have cigarette butts as their next target.

The “Recolha de Lixo na Ria de Aveiro” is the second of three actions integrated on the project “CleanUp Aveiro”. It was made in partnership with BioRia Estarreja and Estarreja’s City Hall. It has Glicínias Plaza, FNAC Aveiro, Bxpress and Grestel as Main Sponsors and S-Vitech as Golden Sponsor. It also has the support of Aveiro’s City Hall, Programa Voluntariado Jovem para a Natureza e Florestas and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Beatriz Santos