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Mon Na Mon

Solidarity and multiculturalism, hand in hand

Mon Na Mon is the association of “sons and friends” of Guiné-Bissau It is a humanitarian and non profit organization that promotes mutual help. “Mon na mon” in creole language means “Hand in hand”.

The main objectives of the association are to facilitate multicultural encounters, promote interculturalism, create connections between people, create a more positive image of immigrants, but also to support those in need - at school, at the university, and in life in general. 

The association is a home of a cultural group that promotes traditional dances of Guine Bissau and other African countries. 

There is also a study space where volunteers offer help once per week with homework, but the objective is to have more volunteers and more hours dedicated to this. 

“This is important as the first barrier for youngsters who speak crioulo comes already at school, and it is related to portuguese language. Many times they dont succeed at school because of this, even though crioulo is similar to Portuguese in some way” - they explained to us in Mon Na Mon, and underlined that there should be more opportunities for cultural exchanges in Aveiro, because the locals might show more interest in African music, food, habits..

Hopefully, new projects are coming in Mon a Mon. They are working on partnerships, but also receiving new volunteers in order to be able to provide more and better services to those in need. In the meantime, they will keep working on what they stand for: intercultural encounters and solidarity.

If you would like to join Mon Na Mon, please get in touch via email.

This publication is part of the "Solidarity Map of Aveiro". This project aims to give visibility to the different institutions that work tirelessly on social causes in Aveiro and to promote solidarity and volunteering in the community. It includes 10 organisations and the significant projects they are developing and implementing. This project is funded by the European Commission's European Solidarity Corps programm.

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