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Poetic Deconstruction

“What if from the scaffolding, instead of pickup lines, poetry echoed?”. As a way of raising awareness against verbal violence and harassment, on November 1st we challenged the community to deconstruct prejudice through words.

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© Helder Berenguer

The Project “Poesia de Andaime” (Scaffold Poetry) was organized by Agora Aveiro with the purpose of using poetry as a form of intervention and of leading the community to reflect on how we express ourselves. Freedom should be a right intrinsic to everyone, however, possessing this freedom carries with it the responsibility of knowing how to use it without jeopardizing the freedom of others.

Last Monday, November 1st, a group of performers invaded Fnac Aveiro, taking with them decorative elements that transported the public to a live stage with poetry as background. But the art has gone beyond what can be seen. We could hear poems and feel the true revolt of those who are oppressed, and the relief of knowing that some have the freedom to scream for them.

Some of the poetic work was done by the reciters themselves, offering a more detailed sense of the message they wanted to show, and their tone of voice, sometimes serene like that of someone who believed in the peace that is being free, other times hoarse like someone who has been preaching for this cause for a long time, and still mysterious like a voice that echoed, seeming that he still had a lot to say.

We hope that those who attended this “warm-up” of “Poesia de Andaime” have built solid walls between what is thought and what is said and that, like us, they build their own “scaffolding” to take their words further, not forgetting the “protective helmets” against intrusive behaviour. 

Poesia de Andaime is part of the “Underground Division” project of Agora Aveiro and it was made in association with Forum Aveiro and Fnac Aveiro. It was sponsored by AreaDobras as “Main Sponsor” and Casa Martelo as “Silver Sponsor”. It also has the support of Aveiro’s City Hall and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Maria João Pereira