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Plantar o Futuro is Back!

Be the seed of today, that will create a vast forest tomorrow. Root in yourself the will to plant the change. Water little actions that are able to react with the whole system creating a network of positive changes. The future is planted by each and every one of us

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© Pedro Cerqueira

Do you know how the writers of romanticism lead us to believe that everything in nature is more beautiful? That all of our problems are solved if we take refuge in nature; how being in contact with nature seems to be the remedy for all the great evils. In turn, naturalists say that nature is untimely, completely unaware of our existence and will, in fact, easily destroy us. I must say that both perspectives seem correct. Now, let us analyse this.

Let’s begin with a simple example: Plantar o Futuro” (Plant Your Future). This project is no longer news to Aveiro’s community and it’s the perfect example of what I presented above. Well, this Wednesday, on 20th October, it was the start of the 3rd edition of this initiative that encourages the community to put the theory to bed and get to work. 

And what does this have to do with the mentioned literature? Everything, my dears, everything. Evidence 1: the project has been repeated because people understand the importance of the native forest and its function. By handing over the young trees to their “foster parents” during the growing months, the enthusiasm for the new relationship that comes ahead is clearly visible. So, even if my rhetoric does not resemble the one from Platão, I would say that it can be assumed that, indeed, nature captivates us and makes us feel good. After all, who will deny a beautiful shade on a scorching day?

Evidence 2: our volunteers woke up very early, with some inertia in the mix, for what promises to be an initiative that helps “save” nature. We projected our aspirations onto this abstract entity and we strongly believe that everything will play out in our favour, after all, it is a good deed. Wrong. On this, do not be fooled if you think that this is sarcasm, it was a beautiful day, it rained. Well, nature will be what it is, blind to any help it can give to humans. 

This year, the project “Plantar o Futuro” is back, after an unwanted but necessary pause. We believe that it is necessary to season the lands of Estarreja again with the roots of our little trees. Despite the mishaps with the weather, 449 trees went to the homes of the academic community to bond until it is time for them to be planted.

No matter the current that moves you, it can not be denied that the Future is planted today and there is still a lot more to be planted.

Plantar o Futuro is organized by Agora Aveiro, in collaboration with the Sustainability Group of the University of Aveiro and Estarreja’s City Hall. This event counts with the sponsorship of Prio Energy, as “Main Sponsor”, Caetano Auto, as “Golden Sponsor”, and Casa Martelo, Grestel and Siro as “Silver Sponsors”. It also counts with the partnership of Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia - AAUAv, National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest,, and Possibility Design. It has the support of Aveiro’s City Hall, Programa Voluntariado Jovem para a Natureza e Florestas, and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Liliana Macedo