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Brains On The Loose

“Are You Brain Enough” came back in full force and, thankfully, the zombies didn’t notice or it would have been tragic!

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes and 25 seconds

© João Simões

Neurons ready? So let’s get those synapses in action! We made sure that the zombies were all well buried, to make this a safe event. And so the 4th edition of “Are You Brain Enough?” (AYBE) began.

If there is something that characterises a quiz made in Agora Aveiro, or at least we believe in it, it's creativity. For those who have always wanted to take part in a general culture quiz, but feel they don’t have it in the necessary amount, our quiz masters help! The AYBE quiz likes to play with sounds, words, pictures, charades. If you don’t know anything about that category, fear not! The clues help, but you need to get out of the box!

This year, the format has been maintained, however, we have brought some surprises. A “Poker Round” for those who like to take risks, as well as a “Lightning Round'' to test your knowledge at lightning speed. Added to our already familiar button dynamic, this year AYBE has become more eco-friendly, thanks to the use of tablets for the answers. Ah, and of course, we didn’t miss the also repeated final question to “Sudden Death”, this time dedicated to “easter eggs” to test our participants’ attention.

The categories that energised 5 Thursdays from our teams were: Anime (believe us, it was an animation), Catastrophes, Cinema, Quotes, Criminals (crime should be the number of prizes we gave out!), Sports, Weird and Unusual, Gastronomy, Geniuses, Geography, Geology, History, Literature, Logic, Macros, Mythology, Music, Nature, Shared Words, Proverbs, 2021 Recap, Series, Technologies, Conspiracy Theories, and Universe.

Throughout the 5 sessions, our 10 teams were entitled to random and session prizes. Nevertheless, I believe the biggest prize was the acquisition of random knowledge and the resilience to not give up on deciphering our clues. 

In the end, the best-given sensation by the creation of such an event is the “AAAAAH” moment. If you were not able to participate in this edition of AYBE, fear nothing! These brains are still hungry for more knowledge and we want to avoid a rebellion, so AYBE shouldn’t stop here. For now, our quiz masters need their well-deserved rest.

“Are You Brain Enough” is part of the project Refresca a Tua Mente” (Refresh Your Mind). It was made in co-organization with Avenida Café-Concerto, and in partnership with The Gutsy Captain and Lovecraft Beershop as Main Sponsors, Un Poco Loco as Golden Sponsor, and Alma de Alecrim, Solve and Escape, Route 66, Guida - Pão de Ló de Ovar, Grão de Café, Licor d' Aveiro, Feitoria do Cacao, Marinha da Noeirinha, Beleza do Sal and GrETUA-AAUAv as Silver Sponsors. It also had the support of Aveiro’s City Hall and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Liliana Macedo