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And there goes another plantation!

Last Saturday, we had the third and last reforestation action of this 3rd edition of “Plantar o Futuro”. In all, 1327 trees were planted by 92 volunteers. We made words into action!

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© João Simões, Helder Berenguer

After more than a year without getting our hands in the dirt, here we finally made this idea grow, we made words into action! In this third edition of “Plantar o Futuro” (Plant Your Future), which involved the whole University of Aveiro, 1327 native trees were planted, such as oaks, stone pines, poplars, willows, hawthorns and much more, in BioRia and EcoParque Empresarial, in Estarreja. The initiative involved 541 participants, among students, teachers and staff of the University of Aveiro, as well as partners and friends of the project.

It was in October that this journey began! Blessed by Srt. Pedro, our volunteers gave away 449 native trees for adoption. It seemed that the long journey of our trees had only just begun when, in a gust of wind, the seeds spread! 

Each year we feel proud to see that even though this is a repeated project, it continues to draw the attention of the academic community of Aveiro (and not only!). We are aware that it is still not enough to stop the changes caused by deforestation, however, we like to see the pot half full and certainly the trees planted over these 3 editions have contributed to a positive impact on the native Portuguese forest. One thing is certain, our volunteers and participants got to know more species of our flora.

And because we’re against wasting energy, we took advantage of the fact that our partners and participants were full of energy and also went to combat invasive species, which inhibit the diversity of the ecosystem, by peeling acacia. To finish big, at the end of the 3rd plantation, when going back to the Environmental Interpretation Centre (CIA) of BioRia, we were treated to the migration dances of a flock of ibises (source: the biologists).

“Plantar o Futuro” is one of those classics that we never get tired of reviewing and repeating. As long as our hoes endure, so will our desire to plant! After all, who needs to go to the gym with plantations like this?

“Plantar o Futuro” is organized by Agora Aveiro, in collaboration with the Sustainability Group of the University of Aveiro and the Municipality of Estarreja. It counts with sponsorships of Prio Energy, as Main Sponsor, Caetano Auto,  as Golden Sponsor and Casa Martelo, Grestel e Siro as Silver Sponsors. It also counts with the partnerships of  Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia - AAUAv, National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest,, and Possibility Design. It has the support of the Municipality of Aveiro, Programa Voluntariado Jovem para a Natureza e Florestas and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Liliana Macedo