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Construction in words

On the 15th of May, construction work was carried out at the Forum Aveiro. A construction where words reigned supreme as a way of raising awareness against harassment and verbal violence.

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© Helder Berenguer

The scaffolding went out once more to the street, this time to intervene along with the poetic work of “Poesia de Andaime” (“Scaffold Poetry”). This project, organized by Agora Aveiro, aims to alert the community to the way we express ourselves. Freedom must be an acquired right but also respected. Possessing it brings with it an added responsibility, we must know how to use it without jeopardizing the freedom of others.

With all this in mind, on the 15th of May, a group of poets decided to get to work at the Forum Aveiro. Rigorously equipped and with all the materials at their disposal, they set up an entire space of poetic deconstruction. A space of intervention, which, through poetry, sought to lead its audience to reflect on freedom of expression and everything that goes beyond it, such as cases of harassment and verbal violence.

Throughout the day, several poems were recited by their authors, reinforcing the importance of reflection as a constructive means for changing attitudes and mentalities.

We hope that those who were present were infatuated with this spirit of deconstruction, in the quest to break down walls of intrusive behavior and to build strong pillars of respect among all. Because much more than any concrete work, it is necessary to build bridges and bonds of empathy, to build true human work.

Poesia de Andaime was carried out in collaboration with Forum Aveiro and Fnac Aveiro. It had the support of AreaDobras as Main Partner, Catari as Golden Partner, and Casa Martelo as Silver Partner. It also had the support of Aveiro’s City Hall and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Joel Cardoso