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Language Exchange Meetings in Aveiro

EVS volunteers from Agora Aveiro organized the first "Language Exchange Meeting" in Aveiro. Last Wednesday, they showed to the local community how we can explore the world by meeting new languages.

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Flora Lewis, an american journalist specialized in international relations, once said that "Learning a new language is not just learning different words for the same things. It's also figuring out a different way of thinking about things ", and we agreed. The ability to communicate with people is an invaluable asset. So we started to organize a series of "Language Exchange Meetings" every Wednesday, since October 2016 in Mercado Negro. Sometimes just a few simple sentences are enough. The first step is usually quite simple: learn to how to say "hello!".

About 20 participants had the opportunity to practice English, French, Spanish, Latvian, Italian, German and also a lot of Portuguese, in a relaxed and non-formal atmosphere. These are not language lessons! The main idea of the event is to encourage the process of learning through the practice of a language that has already begun to learn, while making new friends. There is no cost of participation and everyone is welcome.

Agora Aveiro